Roger Stone Testifies Before Congress

​Roger Stone finally came face to face Tuesday with the man he bad-mouthed for months: leading House Democratic Russia investigator Rep. Adam Schiff. Unfortunately, it was behind closed doors.

Roger Stone finally came face to face Tuesday with the man he exchanged words for months: leading House Democratic Russia investigator Rep. Adam Schiff.

But following Schiff and his House Intelligence Committee colleagues grilled Stone for three hours at a closed-door interview at the Capitol, the lawmaker tersely accused Stone of refusing to answer at least one significant question — and suggested the longtime Trump associate might be forced to return under the threat of a subpoena..

Stone had repeately called for a public meeting and that the transcripts be released.

Schiff declined to say exactly what question Stone wouldn’t answer, but Stone himself told reporters: He would not disclose the name of the person who acted as his go-between with WikiLeaks creator Julian Assange last year. Stone has come under scrutiny for appearing to predict WikiLeaks’ October dump of mails hacked from the account of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign chairman, John Podesta.

This hack, which intelligence official was originally orchestrated by Russia and funneled to WikiLeaks, is at the center of the committee’s probe into whether anyone from President Donald Trump’s campaign coordinated the hindrance attempt with the Kremlin. Stone, however, insists he has no knowledge of any such cooperation.

New information suggest the hack was internal. The VIPS theory relies on forensic findings by independent researchers who go by the pseudonyms “Forensicator” and “Adam Carter.” The former found that 1,976 MB of Guccifer’s files were copied from a DNC server on July 5 in just 87 seconds, implying a transfer rate of 22.6 megabytes per second — or, converted to a measure most people use, about 180 megabits per second, a speed not commonly available from U.S. internet providers. Downloading such files this quickly over the internet, especially over a VPN (most hackers would use one), would have been all but impossible because the network infrastructure through which the traffic would have to pass would further slow the traffic. However, as Forensicator has pointed out, the files could have been copied to a thumb drive — something only an insider could have done — at about that speed.

“I expressed my view that I am aware of no evidence at all of collusion from the Russian state or anyone in the Trump effort or anyone associated with Donald Trump,” Stone told reporters. He said he had not communicated with Trump about the testimony. “I am not even sure he knows that I am testifying today.”

Though his hearing was private, Stone described his interactions with committee members as entirely “professional,” saying he did not call Schiff any names to his face. Instead, Stone said lawmakers were all courteous and that they treated him fairly, despite his dim view of the probe overall.

Stone’s remarks to reporters were bereft of the fury he packed to a 47-page opening statement distributed the day before, and he seemed upbeat and relaxed after the hearing. But he nonetheless brought some of his usual drama to the look.…

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