Rogaska Grand Hotel Resort Mineral Water Wellness Drinking Therapy eBook Release

The historic 194-room Rogaska Resort (86 (0) 3 811 2000) based in Slovenia, has released a Water Drinking Therapy eBook. This easily downloaded and complimentary 9-page title explains the therapeutic properties of the Donat MG natural spring mineral water and resort's drinking therapy.

Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia-based Rogaska Resort, a 194-room historic hotel that is an 18th century architectural masterpiece, has released a Donat MG – Water Drinking Therapy eBook. Focusing on wellness, the resort and eBook define how drinking natural Donat MG mineral water from the resort spring improves bodily function as the water is enriched with magnesium, calcium, sulphates and hydrogen carbonates. In fact, one liter of Donat MG contains 1,040 milligrams of magnesium, which soothes and protects the body from ailments.

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The 9-page eBook, recently released, is complimentary and easily downloaded online. Plus, the title explains the therapeutic properties of the Donat MG mineral water, and how guests can partake in the drinking therapy offered by the resort.

All guests staying at the resort receive encouragement to drink from Mineral Water Pavilion natural spring, connected by a corridor to the Grand Hotel Rogaska. As the eBook explains, guests wanting to get the most significant benefits from the mineral water should drink 3-times daily 20 to 30-minutes before eating.

A clinical study, conducted in Germany, indicates that Donat MG effectively stimulates digestion and improves life quality. With gut health and metabolism, as well as mineral absorption and bowel movements associated with overall wellbeing, Donat MG assists in the improvement of regular bowel function by more than 3-times. Some 94% of trial subjects stated Donat MG was efficient and improved wellbeing.

With premium suites and rooms, and a restaurant, cafe and terrace, the Rogaska Resort is ideal for holiday-makers, sightseeing, congresses, functions and weddings, as well as events. Offering wellnesses programmes such as detox, anti-stress and gastro, along with spa and beauty packages, the resort caters to everyone’s needs and expectations.

When asked about the resort, one guest said, “The hotel is beautiful, especially with the entrance off Rogaska Slatina Park. The fountain spring water is refreshing and revitalizing. Plus, it adds a special touch to the stay.”

To find out more about Rogaska Resort and their Donat MG – Water Drinking Therapy eBook, call 386 (0) 3 811 2000 or visit

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