RODI Filtration Water Purification Systems For Window/Solar Cleaning Launched

California and New Jersey-based J Racenstein, supplier of cleaning solutions for building exteriors, has launched an expanded line of water purification systems.

Suitable for use on windows, solar panels, and other shiny surfaces, the updated selection includes the H2Pro Max by RHG, and the Eco Cart from ProTool. Both systems use reverse osmosis deionization (RODI) filtration and can be used with water fed poles.

More details can be found at our RODI Filtration Water Purification Systems For Window Cleaning page.

The latest range is now available for online purchase. Having distribution centers in Santa Ana, California, and East Rutherford, New Jersey, the company states that its shipping and logistics automation systems can provide some of the fastest delivery throughout the USA.

Ordinary tap water contains natural minerals and other impurities which, when used for cleaning, can leave stains and white spotting on a surface after it has dried. Traditionally, this problem was solved by using a squeegee to remove the water, but that process is time-consuming and inefficient in a commercial setting.

Water purification systems remove many of the total dissolved solids (TDS) from tap water, meaning that windows or solar panels can be left to dry naturally with no unsightly marks. While some systems use only reverse osmosis to filter water, the additional deionizing stage in the new range can polish water to below 10 TDS.

The H2Pro Max 110V powered cart system includes both reverse osmosis and deionized water outputs. This commercial-grade unit uses a 30in carbon filter with as much as 1500% longer life that requires fewer changes. The 40in reverse osmosis filter has some of the best flow in the industry, and the 30in deionization filter comes with a replaceable filter insert.

For more economical applications, the Eco Cart provides all the benefits of full RODI filtration in a more cost-effective package. The stainless steel unit operates at up to 100PSI, and 10in wheels make it easy to relocate when on-site.

About J Racenstein

Operating since 1909, J Racenstein remains one of the leading suppliers in the building exterior cleaning industry. A large factor in maintaining their competitive advantage has been an ongoing investment in cutting-edge technologies.

Customer satisfaction is another important element of the company’s continued success. Besides rapid delivery and automated logistics, the company also provides online how-to instructions, safety guidance, and in-person training seminars.

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