Rod Hindmarsh Owner of How2 Franchise Reveals Franchise Template

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How2 Franchise Template makes starting a Franchise much easier. There are many challenges to starting a Franchise and Rod Hindmarsh helps Franchise Owners avoid many of the pitfalls.

How2Franchise is a successful leader in franchise development, marketing and sales.

How2Franchise have developed successful local, regional, national and international franchises in every business category including retail, service, manufacturing and distribution – helping them successfully franchise their businesses.

The business was initially founded by Rod Hindmarsh who is recognized by many as an expert in the field of franchising. Specialties: national and international franchise consultancy, contributing author for franchise publications worldwide, keynote speaker at international franchise exhibitions and franchise media pundit. In addition How2Franchise have a number of expert associates providing a complete range of franchise support services including franchise advertising, marketing as well as single and multi-unit sales, and franchisee financing. They all continue to play important roles in the How2Franchise business.

Rod Hindmarsh, Owner of How2 Franchise said, “our clients choose to use our franchise agreement template for the following reasons apart from the obvious, that it’s fantastically priced, it has been drawn up by our legal experts and makes no compromises it covers all the bases that you need it to gives you protection and control when put together. A franchise the franchise agreement is the legally binding agreement between you and your franchise a no-compromise should be made here and we’ve made none, nor should you.”

Each year approximately 350 new businesses decide to launch a new franchise company. These new franchises are usually built from a foundation of one to 10 company locations. Over many years the franchise model has proven to be highly successful, with some brands growing from two to hundreds of franchise locations. However, a large number of new franchise brands fail to achieve the growth they projected. A study of new franchise growth by Franchise Grade covering a 10 year period beginning in 2007 revealed that 30.6% of franchises that started four years earlier had zero to one franchise location. In addition, after ten years from launch, 52.4% of this group had 50 or less franchise locations. To say these results are disappointing would be an understatement, especially considering the investment many small business owners make and the risk they undertake when franchising their business. Franchising has however, enabled countless small businesses to achieve a level of professional and financial success some thought beyond their reach, while others fail to get the results they believed franchising would deliver.

Here are 8 things to consider first:

1. Get organized. Think through the process of precisely how your business works

2. Hire an attorney

3. Be picky

4. Build and protect your brand

5. Choose the right locations

6. Find a mentor

7. Know how you want to grow

8. Support your franchisees.

When going in franchising, it’s best not to go it alone.

To get the Franchise Template contact Rod Hindmarsh, owner of How2 Franchise.

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