Rockwell Trading’s YouTube Channel Exceeds 1,000,000 Views

Access to simple actionable day trading information can certainly be the difference between trading failure and success. One of the most popular resources for this information has become Rockwell Trading's much praised YouTube video channel, which recently exceeded 1,000,000 views.

Today, smart day traders get their information and inspiration from a wide variety of sources.  Few are receiving as much recent attention as Rockwell Trading’s wildly popular YouTube channel.  Updated often, the videos contain an inside look at Rockwell Trading’s day trading strategies and philosophy, which are helping many traders around the world. 

“We put our message out in as many ways as possible,” Rockwell Trading’s Founder and CEO Markus Heitkoetter recently said.  “Different people respond better to different training methods, and it’s clear our videos have become so popular for a very good reason.  They provide quality information that’s not available elsewhere.”

To say the videos have been well received is quite an understatement. So far Heitkoetter’s channel has received over 1,171,750 views, with his most popular video being watched over 549,288 times.  This is a remarkable feat in an industry where most “day trading strategy” videos are lucky to see the 100,000 mark.

Markus Heitkoetter and Rockwell Trading are clearly carving out a niche for themselves, unselfishly providing day trading methods that work in the real world and that more and more traders are finding relatively simple to implement.

Traders have been quite vocal in their reviews of Rockwell Trading’s YouTube presence.

“When I first started day trading I was really hungry for information, but I was looking in the wrong places,”  commented Brian S. after viewing Rockwell Trading’s YouTube Channel.  “Markus’s videos on YouTube opened my eyes to what Rockwell Trading was doing and inspired me to follow through with training.  Now I’m doing well, and I’m really not certain if I’d even still be trading if it wasn’t for their methods I’ve been lucky enough to learn.”

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