Rockville MD Sales Professional Development – Client Acquisition Course Launched

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Sandler Training (1-410-339-5168), which services the Rockville, Maryland area, announces its expanded professional development training programs for sales professionals. It offers self-guided, virtual, and instructed-led classes.

With its new courses, the consultancy teaches tried-and-tested principles that will help participants consistently beat their quotas. Its goal is to incite fundamental behavior change that allows people to reframe their approach to the sales process.

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Sandler Training can now better cater to professionals who wish to further their careers. All programs are based on the Sandler Selling System, which utilizes human psychology to establish meaningful connections with prospects.

Sales can be a lucrative job as professionals are paid a commission for every deal they close. Given the competitive business landscape, however, getting new customers and nurturing existing ones can be quite challenging.

Many in the industry also aspire for leadership positions where they manage teams of high-functioning salespeople. To achieve this, however, they must demonstrate excellent selling abilities themselves and attain further training that prepares them for a higher post.

Sandler Training has four different courses that give participants a broad skill set that allows them to excel in their field. The company says that those who complete these programs have improved attitudes, greater motivation, and higher engagement.

No Guts No Gain helps salespeople identify and conquer barriers that may be holding them back from success. No-Pressure Prospecting, meanwhile, teaches a stress-free strategy for new business development.

The consulting company also offers classes specifically for professionals who sell professional services rather than commercial goods. To ensure that current customers become longtime patrons, clients can sign up for its strategic customer care program as well.

About Sandler Training

Sandler Training helps organizations unlock their full potential through its comprehensive sales development programs. It was founded by David H. Sandler, author of the best-selling book “You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar.”

A spokesperson says: “The Sandler Selling System has helped over one million salespeople sell more by avoiding the games buyers play. We not only provide the skills necessary to grow your business, but we help you develop the attitudes and habits necessary to implement those techniques.”

Interested parties may visit if they need further details about the company and its training programs.

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