Rockledge FL Brazilian Blowout Hair Treatment Smoothing Beauty Service Launched

A new hair treatment service has been launched in Annie’s Beauty Studios. Brazilian Blowout is an innovative hair treatment that promotes a radiant shine by removing frizz and sealing the cuticle.

Annie’s Beauty Studios in Rockledge, FL, just launched their Brazilian Blowout service. This treatment is part of the salons hair smoothing services to give the clients’ frizzy or damaged hair a shiny and sleek look.

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Frizzy hair is challenging to take care of, which makes people look for permanent or semi-permanent ways to smooth out the frizz and give their hair a silky look. Annie’s Beauty Studios offers Brazilian Blowout, which is an effective hair smoothing technique that eliminates frizz and instantly gives the hair an intense shine.

The most exciting feature of this kind of hair treatment is that it is customizable, which means all hair types can benefit from it by applying a suitable amount of materials. For example, if a person is fine with their curly hair but wants to give it a more defined look, a customized application of the technique will give them their desired look.

Clients with all kinds of hair, including permed, curly, coarse, fine, or straight, have benefited from this service without losing the volume of their hair. Even if the hair is color-treated or highlighted, the Brazilian Blowout offered at Annie’s Beauty Studios can give it a glossy look by removing the frizz.

Brazilian Blowout is based on an innovative bonding formula that applies liquid keratin to hair, creating a layer of protein around each strand to diminish frizz. After the treatment, the hair is left with a healthy look that is also protected against external damage.

A significant advantage of Brazilian Blowout over other forms of hair smoothing techniques is that the hair can be tied back in a ponytail, blow-dried, or washed immediately after treatment. In other forms of hair strengthening methods, like Keratin treatment, it is not possible to wash the hair for a couple of days, which is not the case in Brazilian Blowout. The stylist rinses the hair, and the client can even style it after the treatment.

Clients can book an appointment on the website or by calling Annie’s Beauty Studios for their Brazilian Blowout service.

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