Rockford IL House & Roof Washing New Spring Cleaning Discount Service Launched

A new spring cleaning service has been launched by Wisconsin cleaning company MultiMan Services. The first twenty people to use it can benefit from a special deal for 20 windows to be cleaned inside out for $149 instead of $199.

Wisconsin cleaning company, MultiMan Services, has launched a new spring cleaning service for local customers and has advertised it on its website. As part of this new venture, they have announced a deal for 20 windows to be cleaned inside out for $149 instead of $199, only for the first twenty people to request it. This discount is is only availabe for the Local residents of Rockford Illionis and Roscoe Ilionies.

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MultiMan Services prides itself on customer satisfaction, and as part of this they offer a streak-free guarantee with their spring clean service. If customers aren’t completely happy with their window cleaning service, they can get their money back.

On the company’s website, they explain how important it is to maintain clean windows around a property. Dirty windows impact the curb appeal of a house, but it can often be difficult to clean them to a high standard without dirty marks left over on the glass. MultiMan Services has a fully licensed, trained team of expert staff who can help to ensure that any property’s windows are an asset to the building and don’t harm its appearance.

The process begins with a simple four step cleaning process employed by the MultiMan team. The first stage is using gentle hand scraping and scrubbing to work dirt, dust, grease and other debris away from the window. At this stage of the cleaning journey, it’s important to make sure windows don’t get scratched, and the MultiMan team are well versed in applying gentle care and attention to help maintain unmarked glass.

The glass washing stage removes nearly 100% of the dirt using specially formulated cleaning detergents, leaving a sparkling surface. The windows will then be dried with a squeegee, which removes all the water and creates the streak-free appearance. The staff will then apply a final clean of the tracks, sills and frame.

Anyone wanting to get in touch with MultiMan to arrange a spring clean of their property can contact them on (815) 520-6020.

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