Rock Your Reviews Online Review Management Made Easy Available Now

Aletha Royer announced the availability of her new Rock Your Reviews Online Review Management Service beginning 3/29/18. More information can be found at

Customers looking for the latest Online Review Service will soon be able to get involved with Rock Your Reviews. Today Aletha Royer, Founder and Digital Marketing Advisor at Rock Your Reviews releases details of her new Automated Online Review Management service.

The Rock Your Reviews Online Review Management Service is designed to appeal specifically to local business owners and includes:

White glove service for managing your online reputation – This feature was included because business owners need an easy way to get a steady stream of positive reviews across different sites, directories, and even on their own websites. This is great news for business owners as reviews get you new customers, give you an advantage in local search results, and help you dominate your sphere, taking market share from competitors.

The online review service automatically sends review requests and reminders to your customers – This makes it easy and quick to ask your customers for reviews. No more manually sending emails and texts sporadically when you have time. Make reviews a priority with review automation – without stress and headaches. Business owners who invest in the service should enjoy this feature because it brings you the greatest positive impact on your bottom line with the smallest investment of time and resources.

Stop negative reviews before they go online by working with the customer to address their concerns and change their mind about their experience with you. – Rock Your Reviews made sure to make this part of the Online Review Management Service as it allows business owners to take control of their online reputation by asking customers for reviews through the platform BEFORE they go rogue and leave a review that could damage business. Customers of the Rock Your Reviews Online Review Management Service appreciate this because it takes 5 good reviews to mitigate the effect of one negative review. By capturing negative reviews before they go online, business owners can protect their hard-earned reputation, make things right with the customer, encourage them to change their review in light of the good experience provided to them by the business. Turn a negative into a positive and everyone wins!

Aletha Royer, when asked about the Rock Your Reviews Online Review Management Made Easy Service said:

“Customers are your bread and butter. Online reviews are your jam!”

This is the latest offering from Rock Your Reviews and Aletha Royer is particularly excited about this launch because she’s been doing digital marketing for over ten years, and believes in the power of reviews for lead generation and overall positive effect on revenue.

Those interested in learning more about Aletha and Rock Your Reviews Online Review Management Made Easy can do so on the website at

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