Rochester NY Singer-Songwriter Sarah Eide Kickstarter Roots Album Announced

A new project has been launched by singer-songwriter Sarah Eide, who is offering her new album through Kickstarter. It is a chance for fans and supporters to get involved, pre-order, and receive a range of rewards.

A singer-songwriter in Rochester, NY, has launched a new project, called called “Dreams on Hold”, an album inspired by American Roots music. Sarah Eide is a new voice who people want to hear, and has taken to Kickstarter to get her first full length production off the ground.

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The Kickstarter page highlights that Sarah Eide is releasing her “Dreams on Hold” inspired by American Roots with songs that are both nuanced, vibrant, and warm.

Sarah is a pianist, composer, and singer-songwriter who has been playing music for as long as she can remember. She’s always felt a deep sense of purpose as an artist and creator, and music is a way of releasing that energy.

She describes her quest to create music as a calling, to create music that has a positive effect and impact on others. Now she’s seeking to bring that first album into the world and is offering fans and backers the chance to be part of it.

Sarah always strives to create music that’s beautiful and proficient, possesses a vulnerable quality, and is driven by a vision.

She says: “Dreams on Hold is about the conflict between what we are working towards and life’s twists and turns. It’s about those moments when you feel like you’re at a tug of war between your aspirations and life’s priorities.”

With the help of an A-list team of Chicago musicians, a sonic landscape heavily influenced by American roots music has been created, diving into everything from Appalachian folk to New Orleans jazz, bluegrass to gospel.

This is the music that’s been inspiring Eide for the past few years, in its ability to be an unfiltered expression of everyday life in its spontaneity and warmth.

Set to be released in 2019, “Dreams on Hold” is currently being Kickstarted as a way for people to pre-order the album. A crowdfunding platform with an “all or nothing” scheme, this will allow Eide to put this music into the hands of even more people via radio play and high-quality music videos.

The campaign ends December 10th and features special limited rewards like a 2-hour songwriting session, 2 VIP tickets to an album release show, credit as Executive Producer to the album and more.

Full details can be found on the URL above.

Release ID: 451242