Rochester NY Locksmiths Contactless Payment Before Dispatch Solution Launched

Locksmiths in Rochester, NY, can benefit from a newly launched digital payment platform allowing contactless payments in advance of services to avoid gone on arrival (GOA) losses.

X-press Pay has announced the release of its range of updated financial services providing locksmiths in Rochester, NY a digital platform to collect remote contactless payments from their customers.

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The recent update offers a solution to ensure services are paid for, either in full or with a partial deposit, before a locksmith is dispatched. This is particularly beneficial for locksmiths providing 24 hours and emergency support, to prevent a Gone On Arrival (GOA) scenario where the customer is absent and no longer able to pay for the services requested.

Small businesses have been particularly affected by the ever-changing CDC guidelines, and they have had to adapt their platforms and services to favor contactless interactions with their customers. Contactless payment platforms have been shown to streamline business practice, speed up account receivables and eliminate transaction costs.

Research shows that, given the options, customers would be happy to pay in advance for a service. Xpress-pay allows locksmiths to digitize their payment process, collecting a deposit at the time of booking and finalizing the full payment upon completion of the service.

In addition to minimize contact between customers and service providers, the newly launched digital platform provides a secure payment portal where payments are processed quickly and merchants can issue electronic invoices via text or email.

In order to optimize the payment process, locksmiths using the Xpress-Pay platform benefit from multiple payment options, including sending customers an SMS with a payment link, a QR code, or a hyperlink.

The digital payment platform can be connected to a business’ website or social media profile, and it can work alongside an existing merchant processor or POS.

With the latest service launch, Xpress-Pay aim to expand their payment solutions to more service-based businesses, ensuring payment is collected at the time of booking and working to avoid GOA losses.

Locksmiths in Rochester, NY can schedule a complementary demonstration by filling the form at the URL above. The team at Xpress-pay are available to illustrate the digital platform in greater detail, and to provide further insight on the benefits of contactless payments.

Release ID: 88993362