Rochester Chiropractor Stabilizing Orthotics For Back Pain Report Launched

A new report has been launched by Rochester chiropractor, Lovett Chiropractic. It focuses on how a large number of back pain cases is caused by bad posture, which can often be treated through stabilising orthotics.

A Rochester chiropractor has launched a new report focusing on pain management, and how some simple changes can alleviate pain in the back, because spinal strain and postural fatigue account for about 70% of cases not caused by serious conditions. The Lovett Clinic has a short 10 question test that can help Dr Lovett determine if individually designed stablilzing orthotics, shoethotics and sandalthotics can help.

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Lovett Chiropractic is one of the leading chiropractors in the Rochester area, and specializes in care and wellness for its patients. Dr James Lovett is committed to providing pain relief for a wide range of symptoms and conditions, helping more people to enjoy their life.

Often when someone is suffering from back pain, they don’t enjoy life to its fullest because the sudden, sharp pain can strike at any moment. This can be highly uncomfortable and limiting, because people find it hard to move as freely as they once did.

Lovett Chiropractic prides itself on helping people to regain their freedom by countering the back pain that is limiting them. One of the ways in which it can help people to deal with lower back pain is through foot orthotics.

Pain in the back can sometimes be directly traced to the feet. It can also be attributed to bad posture, and in today’s world, with more people in office jobs than ever before and everyone crouching over computers daily, back pain is becoming more frequent.

Foot orthotics can help patients with back pain, because the process realigns how the feet articulate themselves on the ground. This, in turn, affects the entirety of the patients’ posture, helping them to have a more beneficial overall gait.

This change in foot position can alleviate low back pain by improving the position of the feet. This is known as the kinetic chain. The feet represent the base, and every joint above the feet is a link in the chain. This chain goes all the way up the body to the neck, and ensuring a strong foundation can help to deal with problems along the chain.

Full details of how the Lovett Clinic can help with back pain can be found on the URL above.

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