Robust Modular Animal Damage Fencing For Plant Growers Launched

A new low-cost deer fence alternative for gardeners looking to protect their plants from animal damage has been launched. Garden Commander comes in robust four-foot sections, which fit together to provide effective garden protection from deer, rabbits, and birds all season long.

A new protective gardening tool has been launched, called Garden Commander. It’s a new low-cost and green product all gardeners can use to protect their crops from deer and other animals. The new product means there is no need for expensive and unsightly permanent deer fencing, nor for toxic chemical deterrents.

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Garden Commander is a novel wire row protector that comes in four-foot long sections in two different heights. Gardeners simply buy as many as they need to protect their plants.

End sections slot in at either end of the row to provide complete protection. Should smaller animals such as rabbits be a problem, growers can simply overlap two Garden Commander sections to create a much smaller mesh size.

Until now the only truly effective way to protect garden crops from deer has been fencing. This is both expensive and unsightly. If electric fences are used, they can be dangerous for children.

What’s more, the fence posts required can provide perches for hungry birds. Chemical deterrents may work, but can be toxic and wash away when it rains. Garden Commander offers a far less costly, permanent and green alternative that gardeners can tailor to their own particular needs.

Garden Commander comes in robust, lightweight, easy to carry four-foot sections. They clip together easily so can simply be tailored to the task required, and a choice of two different heights are available to suit different crops.

It not only protects young plants as they are getting started in spring, but can also be easily converted into a mini greenhouse by covering them with plastic to protect vulnerable plants from unexpected frost and cold weather.

When the growing season is over, Garden Commander stacks and stores easily. It should last 20 years or more to provide a truly economical solution to the annual problem of animal damage.

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