Robotics Engineering Online MicroMasters – MATLAB Edx Certificate Launched

The University of Pennsylvania recently updated its online Robotics MicroMasters program. Prerequisites include college-level algebra, trigonometry, and basic knowledge of computer programming.

The University of Pennsylvania has updated its series of online Robotics MicroMasters Programs, beginning with the Robotics: Kinematics and Mathematics course. The 12- week program has been designed for students with a bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer sciences, robotics, or similar areas of study.

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The university updated its selection of comprehensive online courses to assist students in continuing their studies and achieving a higher education from home. With online learning projected to increase over time, the school is adapting its programs to suit students’ needs.

The applications of robotic engineering, locomotion, and artificial intelligence are being used in a growing number of fields. From healthcare and education to manufacturing and mining, robotic engineering is at the heart of many industries.

The Kinematics and Mathematics course is the first of four sections in the university’s MicroMasters Program. The curriculum is completed via the school’s online learning platform EdX.

Key learning objectives include describing and analyzing fundamental problems in robotics, understanding the role of mathematics in mobile robots, and using the industry-standard programming environment MATLAB. While courses are completed at a student’s own pace, it is recommended to dedicate at least 10 hours per week to completing course work.

The initial portion of the course focuses on foundational mathematical concepts such as calculus, trigonometry, and advanced algebra. Students entering the program should have a strong understanding of matrices, vectors, derivatives, and partial derivatives.

Students will begin more in-depth studies of kinematics and kinematic path planning in the second half of the program. Core concepts include kinematic chains, forward kinematics, inverse kinematics, and parallel mechanisms.

The Robotics MicroMasters program is made up of four individual courses including Kinematics and Mathematics, Visual Intelligence and Machine Learning, Dynamics and Control, and Locomotion Engineering.

Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to apply to Penn’s accelerated Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) in Robotics degree program.

A current student said, “The material I am learning in the MicroMasters program is useful every single day and has helped me become very effective in a leadership role.”

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