Robotics And Mathematics MicroMasters – Computer Science Online Program Launched

edX has launched a Robotics: Kinematics and Mathematical Foundations course with the University of Pennsylvania. It is provided online and includes twelve weeks of study.

edX, a learning platform that partners with leading American universities to provide self-study courses, has launched its Robotics: Kinematics and Mathematical Foundations course.

More information on the launch can be found by visiting

The recently launched course is provided by edX and the University Of Pennsylvania and includes practical instruction on MATLAB and robotics.

The course is available online and takes place over twelve weeks. To enroll, applicants must understand trigonometry and university-level algebra. They will also need to have a foundational knowledge of computer programming and calculus. The course is also ideally suited to individuals who have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or related topics.

Throughout the course, students will learn how to use MATLAB and other robotic platforms, as well as how to describe and analyze fundamental problems in robotics. They’ll also receive training on mathematics and the role it plays in this field.

The course is provided by two University of Pennsylvania professors and covers three main areas of study. They are Math Fundamentals, Robotic Kinematics, and Kinematic Path Planning. Each module requires four weeks of study.

During weeks one to four, students will learn about vector spaces, matrix groups, coordinate transformations, and more. In weeks five to eight, students will receive instruction on kinematic chains, parallel mechanisms, and inverse kinematics. The final four weeks of study will cover artificial potential fields, configuration spaces, and graph-based methods. As part of the launch, students will be required to complete a practical assignment at the end of each module.

Upon completion, students will know how to build and program robots that function well. The course can also count towards a MicroMasters when completed with other programs. More information can be found by visiting

Interested parties can enroll in the course via the company’s website. Upon successful completion, each graduate can purchase a verification certificate for an additional fee. The course is self-paced and requires eight to ten hours of study per week.

edX is a provider of online educational programs that are delivered by university professors throughout the United States. The company has partnered with over 160 universities and provides MiicroMasters programs, professional certificates, and more, in a range of topics, including computing, engineering, and robotics.

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