Robotic Window Cleaner – Ultrasonic Water Spray Dirt Removal Solution Launched

Home Robot LLC (+1-833-462-6887), a US technology company, has upgraded its advanced cleaning bot, the HOBOT-298, allowing it to clean faster and more efficiently, saving users time to focus on other pressing matters.

The latest upgrade improved the robot’s capabilities to mop windows, glasses, and vertical surfaces efficiently, enabling hassle-free sanitation for busy owners. The innovative suction technology can handle the entire cleaning process, leaving properties sparkling clean.

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Glasses quickly get dirty due to exposure to dust and dirt that accumulate over time, causing them to fog. Besides leaving them looking less appealing, they also pose serious health risks, such as allergies and asthma. But the newly updated HOBOT-298 effortlessly removes these contaminants with its powerful ultrasonic water spray, reimagining how people keep their spaces clean.

The window cleaning robot uses high-frequency sound waves to vaporize water into a fine mist that breaks down particles on the surface, allowing the bot to remove dust and dirt seamlessly without leaving behind water stains. HOBOT-298 is suitable for homes, offices, cafes, and other small-scale businesses.

It features a simple control mechanism that allows users to adjust the settings hassle-free according to their preferences. The robot is also intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to operate—customers only need to fill the tank with a HOBOT cleaning solution and place it on the surface.

HOBOT-298 comes with a brushless motor that makes it noiseless while in use. The hands-free device uses a powerful vacuum to stay in place while cleaning, allowing owners to go about their other duties. Furthermore, the bot’s cutting-edge AI technology and smart sensors let it recognize the window’s edges and calculate its route accordingly.

In addition, the device’s high-reliability design and two caterpillar treads provide it with efficient movements, allowing it to clean one square meter thoroughly in less than three minutes. The bot’s extended power cord lets it operate on larger surfaces, reaching spots that traditional cleaning methods can’t get. It also features a lengthy safety cable and built-in UPS to help owners guard against accidental detachments while in operation.

According to a company representative, “We’re excited about our new upgrade. They make HOBOT-298 even better than before. This innovation reaffirms our long-standing commitment to exceeding customers’ expectations.”

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