Robot Global starts the Global New Era of AI+Block Chain

Robot Global is a public chain platform in Block Chain 3.0 era, which combines AI, robot civilization and Block Chain technology.

Robot Global is a public chain platform in Block Chain 3.0 era, which combines AI, robot civilization and Block Chain technology. The Integration of intelligence and Block Chain promote the development of Intelligent Society. With innovative intelligent governance mechanism, it perfectly combines human intelligence, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm to make governance decisions.

Robot Global's core team was formally established in 2018,which is developed by Amazon and Oracle's technical team, it integrates Amazon's AI in-depth learning with Oracle's database management system. Many excellent scientists, experienced technology development teams and block chain experts escorted Robot Global. In the future, AI will be taken as the central entrance, robot civilization will be deeply integrated into block chain technology, which will link users, businesses and service providers together, and form a free, orderly and transparent public chain ecological service platform. To this end, Robot Global has opened up global nodes, and global community node leaders are also in hot recruitment.

In June 2019, Robot Global White Paper was published and the Ecology Foundation was officially established. The Robot Global Foundation will be the advocate entity of the Robot Global project, devote itself to the development, construction and governance of the Robot Global project, transparency advocation and promotion, and promote the safe and harmonious development of the open source ecological community.

Since the establishment of the Robot Global team, the Robot Global technical team has already engaged in intensive development process. From the establishment of consensus mechanism to the operation of multilayer side chains, the testing of each technology takes months. In the high-speed development industry of block chain, only if we strive as hard as Robot Global, attach importance to products and users can we win the living space.

Robot Global has optimized the consensus mechanism. According to the experimental data of the test network, the transaction speed of Robot Global has achieved more than ten thousands TPS,which signs the arrival of the era of block chain 3.0. Robot Global builds the bottom public chain with the most commercial value. If we compare the future DApp to a car, Robot Global is the highway that can make cars run fast. And Robot Global is fully compatible with the Ether, and any Dapp that can run on the ETF can run on Robot Global.

Thanks to Robot Global's innovative architecture design, Token's distribution is safer, more efficient and more convenient, and more advanced than the slow virtual machine contract mode of Ether. People without any computer experience can also use Robot Global's interface and platform to decentralize the issuance of digital assets. Therefore, the future application of ecological development becomes more and more simple, so that the real block chain technology can go into people's lives, so that making money is becoming more and more convenient.

Under a series of comprehensive considerations, in order to ensure the smooth development of the main network, accelerate the layout of DApp, and win the first chance in the global public chain competition for Robot Global, Robot Global will open up global private equity, let more people participate, and jointly maintain and create a comprehensive eco system based on public chain as the underlying infrastructure.

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