Robocalls vs Promo Robo GOTV: Reinvented Political Broadcast Messaging Improved

LA Political Digital GOTV Inventor Consultant reinvents robocalling - Promo Robo voice broadcast ad messaging service CandiPro Advertising increases caller retention 89% Call 888 363-3912 to demo

Last month NOMOROBO a robocall blocking service announced Americans had received an estimated 9.4 billion political robocalls during the 2020 election campaign cycle and they were the worst, not effective messaging tool for getting out the vote. Robocalls have become annoying with 32% of voters hanging up their phones within the first 12 seconds. Knowing these facts, at the beginning of 2020 the original inventor of political robocalling decided after 37 years it was time to make some changes that would help make voters not hang up so quickly.

AD “Tony” Inocentes, Sr. Founder of Los Angeles-San Diego-San Francisco and Portsmouth Virginia based ePolitical USA the owner of digital political toolbox brand CandiMALL GOTV Store that markets political robocalls as CandiCALLS decided it was time to reinvent the service he originally invented in 1983. He came to this conclusion after monitoring a steady decline in their effectiveness over the past 10 years.

Inocentes, Sr the recognized a pioneer of digital political robo services and tools in America announced he has reinvented political robocalls in 2020 with a branded upgrade in the CandiMALL GOTV Store is called CandiPROs.. CandiPROs are described as Promo Robos voice broadcast advertising.. A 9 month study just completed by the end of the 2020 Presidential elections revealed Promo Robos were highly effective retaining 89% of listeners after 12 seconds. A startling improvement ending 10 years of consecutive declining listener interest.

CandiMALL GOTV Stores has decided to keep offering CandiCALLs standard robo calling for now and will be offering CandiPROs as an upgraded service. CandiPros political advertising will be offered as a free upgrade for interested clients, Until June 30, 2021.

Asked to share more about what makes this new robo calling messaging service so effective Inocentes, Sr said, “We will not be sharing to the open public for now exactly what makes Promo Robos so appealing because it is proprietary and we have long had to be concerned about copy cats with our digital inventions. But we have been and will continue to share privately with our political clients how they work. It is for their benefit, as well as ours, to keep this close to the chest. for now. A few of our premium candidates used them in their 2020 election campaigns with total success and from here forward all of our clients will have them made available to them.”

Presently CandiCALLs robocalling pricing starts at one cent, one of the lowest priced robocall services in the country. This is a very cost effective means to communicate with voters. The speed at which a voter can be contacted has always been one of the undeniable benefits., making the use of CandiCALLs an easy decision. Utilizing the CandiPro promo robo voice broadcasting option, robocalls will rise from the obsolete tools graveyard to live for another decade or two. Promo robo advertising will be a must use service for contenders. The services could convert a non-contender with a small budget into serious contender once again.

Inocentes further stated, “CandiMALL GOTV Store‘s pricing is an attraction for candidates and their political consultants because the pricing is the most reasonable and, for some services, the lowest in the country.Moreover, our customer service is unquestionably solid and diligent.”

Inocentes believes that the 2022 elections will continue to pivot from the traditional door knocking, phone banking campaigns in favor of the digital campaigning using, emails, robo services, text, Xoom online town halls and debates, and geo-targeted Wifi advertising.

CandiMALL GOTV Store is the political tool brand of ePolitical USA which is a member of the business, political and non profit promoter syndication Chemeria Consultancy founded in 1973.

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