Robban Sica MD Launches Breast Health Cancer Awareness Month Expert Report

Robban Sica, MD, an integrative medicine physician based in Westport, has launched a breast health medical report to inform the public about the effectiveness of infrared mammography and to provide them with the chance to get their thermogram done at an affordable price.

Robban Sica, MD, a leading Integrative Medicine expert based in Westport, Connecticut, has announced the launch of a medical report on breast health, to help provide patients with more information regarding infrared mammography.

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With the latest announcement, the integrative physician aims to provide reliable breast cancer screening information to educate women about the effectiveness and advantages of infrared mammography. The newly-released guide is in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a yearly event aiming to raise funds for breast cancer research and to increase awareness for breast cancer, the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women.

The report states that thermography, as a simple screening technique, has a higher rate of cancer detection than mammography. The research by Dr. Sica described in detail that thermography can be more reliable as a method of breast screening as it provides 98.3% accuracy in breast mass detection and 86% detection for non-palpable tumors. For more details, please visit

Based on the report, it is important for women to go for a thermogram screening before and after menopause. Dr. Sica urges women who have used hormone replacement therapy and have implants or surgical reductions to also schedule a thermogram screening. The Westport-based physician also recommends a screening once every three years to women between ages of 20 and 30, and annually, for women over 30.

The report by Robban Sica, MD, explained that thermography can be a useful breast cancer early detection tool to assess breast cancer risk and to also minimize the risk of developing tumors. As per the guide, a thermogram screening is the only breast health test available that can detect precancerous inflammation in the breast tissue.

Dr. Robban Sica is an endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism specialist with more than 38 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Sica is also a leading expert in the practice of Integrative Medicine, a distinct medical specialty that uses an integrative approach to assess and improve a patient’s health by examining all aspects of the patient’s life, including social, physical, spiritual, and emotional.

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