River Oaks Houston TX Double Chin Fat Removal Kybella Med Spa Services Launched

A leading aesthetics service in River Oaks, Texas has launched Kybella treatments for patients desiring to dissolve their double chin and neck fat. The studio is staffed by medical professionals.

BCRN, an aesthetics studio in River Oaks, Texas has launched Kybella services for the removal of double chins. The studio is staffed by medical professionals who treat patients with moderate-to-severe fat below the chin. BCRN specializes in beatifying treatments including Botox injections and fat removal protocols.

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The launch of Kybella or deoxycholic acid treatment was prompted by the recent decision by the FDA to approve this fat destroying drug. All procedures are performed by medical professionals in a clean and safe environment. The service is geared to help individuals who wish to reduce a double chin and thereby enhance their looks.

The double chin is something many people consider a big cosmetic issue. About 68% of people surveyed by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery in 2014 named excess fat under the chin and neck one of their top concerns. Many people say they think a double chin makes them look older.

Treatment may require up to 50 injections in a single session. However, it only takes a few days to heal, and there are no bandages necessary. The FDA approved the drug after the manufacturer submitted 19 clinical studies involving nearly 2,600 patients.

The first step for someone wanting to investigate Kybella treatments is a complimentary, confidential consultation. During the consultation, the medical team will discuss with the patient their goals and which treatments are most suitable for them. The knowledgeable staff at BCRN Aesthetics strive to provide quality care and clinical excellence.

A company spokesman said, “It takes only a few minutes for a licensed dermatologist to inject the Kybella under the jawline right into the fat tissue. The drug immediately goes to work on the double chin and destroys the cell membrane causing it to burst and go away permanently.”

The launch of Kybella treatments by BCRN in River Oaks, Texas gives everyone wanting a younger, healthier look access to experienced, professional services.

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