Riscx Insurance Now Offers Custom Motor Traders Insurance Policies

Riscx Insurance now offer customized motor traders insurance policies providing significant savings over a standard combined motor trade insurance premium. Compare cheap motor trade insurance at riscx.com to check the difference in policy premiums.

Riscx insurance now have custom motor traders insurance policies that provide savings of up to 45% on existing traders insurance premiums. These policies are customized for individual trades within the automotive industry and as a consequence can offer huge savings over standardized “blanket cover” motor trade insurance policies.

The problem with a standard ” one policy fits all ” type of combined motor traders insurance policy is that the premium is calculated for cover that is not needed and therefore the benefit of a customized policy that covers the business needs and requirements only is quite obvious. When calculating the insurance premium the insurer has to take into account all risks covered within the policy as the insurer does not know whether they are applicable or not, the premium payable will still reflect the increase in cover and therefore the higher premium. If the insurer is not exposed to all risks and eventualities that are usually covered in a standard combined motor trade insurance policy and can tailor the policy to fit precisely the needs of the motor trader then they can offer the actual insurance cover needed but at a much reduced insurance premium.

Riscx Insurance has seen the need in the motor trade insurance market for such policies and has been negotiating with several insurers to give them the flexibility to offer tailored insurance policies to the motor trade that do not leave the customer short on cover but provide all the cover needed with no additional unnecessary expensive cover and is now rolling out such policies to the automotive industry.

Riscx Insurance can create a customized policy for the majority of different sectors within the motor trade industry, such as car dealers, motor mechanics, valeters, courier drivers or part time motor traders and enquiries can be made online at Riscx Insurance.

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