Rip Toned Weight Lifting Straps Joined the List of Shopify Store Owners

Customers can conveniently and safely purchase weight lifting straps from Rip Toned through their new online store. Complete product description is posted as well as the video tutorial on how to use the product.

Rip Toned weightlifting and fitness products recently opened its new online store for weight lifting straps at Aside from selling their products through Amazon and on their company website, Rip Toned created their Shopify store to allow online shoppers to buy their products conveniently using their credit cards or through their Paypal accounts without the need for any membership registration. The newly launched Shopify store can be accessed by weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts anywhere worldwide.

According to Rip Toned spokesperson, Gary Holbert, “We decided to use Shopify as our new online selling platform to reach more customers, as shopping through our store here will not require the hassle of signing up. Online shoppers that are on-the-go can instantly purchase our lifting straps.” Rip Toned also took advantage of the e-commerce website builder feature of Shopify which allows them to create a fully functioning webpage where they can put all the important information about their weightlifting straps and other coming products.

Rip Toned Shopify website has all the information that a customer needs. They also provide a page where shoppers can watch the YouTube video tutorial on using weight lifting straps properly. A detailed description about the weight lifting straps and the latest news about the company are also available on the Shopify website. High resolution pictures of the product are also available.

Customers who purchase Rip Toned weight lifting straps will receive the same bonuses customers from Amazon receive when they purchase their items. These bonuses include digital books about health and fitness titled Low Carb Diet Guide” and “Rockin’ Abs Guide” written by Kevin Weiss, fitness coach of A welcome and thank you email containing the links where these ebooks can be downloaded will be sent to the customers after they make their purchase. 

A 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime replacement warranty for the straps are also provided by Rip Toned. Their Shopify store is user-friendly, provides online purchasing security, and has 24/7 customer support. Rip Toned encourages customers to visit and shop through their Shopify store and experience ease of access and fast transaction for their weight lifting straps purchase.

Rip Toned is committed to helping weightlifters and aspiring ones to reach their fitness goals and sculpt the physique of their dreams. Rip Toned lifting straps and weight lifting gear are quickly taking the industry by storm. Rip Toned, soon will be adding to their Shopify store weight lifting belts offering lifters added pressure to the abdominal area, to keep their form true while protecting the core area and safely maximizing weightlifting potential.

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