Right Water Filters in Water Filtration System are Key per Report Just Released

Natural Plus Plus, a clean water specialist, based in Clearwater, Florida, has released an Ideal Earth Water Filtration system that produces Youthful Living Water which keep the vital essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium but remove toxic chemicals down to undetectable levels.

Clearwater, Florida-based Natural Plus Plus LLC, a clean and healthy water provider, has released Fresh Clean-Living Water, Youthful Living Water Filter Systems by Ideal Earth Water that reduces the number of toxins found in drinking water but keeps vital minerals. These filters are large and premium quality increasing water contact time and better detoxifying water.

More information is available at http://refreshingcleanwater.com/size-quality-everything-comes-water-filters/

Natural Plus Plus knows that just because a water filter has the right composition to remove toxic materials, that it is not efficient enough. Both size and the quality of the water filter matter, along with the time that it takes for the water to pass through the filter. Larger, better quality filters that have a slower filtration speed produce the best living water.

Using a unique filtration process, Fresh Clean-Living Water passes through two types of carbon, removing contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, and other toxins to produce healthier drinking water. Whole house water filters and a water filtration system use several tanks to create the best quality and truly healthy water.

The multi-tank system has a life-span of 10-years, while fluoride tanks last up to five-years. Based on healthier water research, the water filtration system design is suitable for the whole house. As such, the filtration system reduces contaminants down to non-traceable levels, which third-party tests verify.

Natural Plus Plus has been helping people to drink healthier water for years. The company is constantly looking to create the best quality water possible. As such, they develop a water filtration system that cater to individual lifestyles and budgets, while also upholding their high standards and the therapeutic benefits of chemical free water.

A user of Natural Plus Plus filters said, “I have been using the filtered water for over three months and noticed an improvement of my skin and also the fact that I have not had my seasonal cold sore/virus breakout. I also have a water line from my apartment to my yoga studio for my staff and students. They love it. Many have commented that they can taste and see the difference in the water quality. With water being 70% of your body, I think it’s the most important thing you can change to improve your overall health and the health of those around you.”

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