Right Brain Consulting Expands Services to Include Nutraceuticals

Food industry consulting firm, Right Brain Consulting, expands services to include advise, contract negotiation and establishment of quality controls for nutraceuticals.

Anthony Rocco is the head of nutraceuticals, a new service area for Right Brain Consulting, providing practical guidance for the production of functional foods governed by the Code of Federal Regulations and the Current Good Manufacturing Practices.

According to Rocco, “Right Brain Consulting decided to expand into nutraceuticals because we are experiencing increasing demand for assistance in finding companies that can take new concepts and further develop them with the originators, and, if needed, can validate the amount of intended active ingredient in the dosage in order to get successfully manufacture new nutraceutical products.”

Nutraceuticals are classified by their natural sources, pharmacological make up, and chemical compositions. Medical foods and functional foods are all examples of nutraceuticals. Rocco says, “The manufacturing of nutraceuticals requires special attention and expertise because the products must be crafted with precision in order to deliver the intended quantities of active ingredients needed to provide the intended results. This type of manufacturing must be well documented, clean of any extraneous, foreign or harmful material. That means facilities and practices compliance must be validated by third party auditors.” Right Brain Consulting ensures the proper precautions, monitoring processes, documentation and quality controls are put in place.

Right Brain Consulting now evaluates new food product companies to determine if they are suitably equipped to produce nutraceuticals, advising them on key factors such as contamination prevention, sanitation processes and establishment of methodology and process (to ensure consistency of quality). This includes documentation of batch production methods, sanitation practices and controls, calibration of equipment, and end-product validation. “We take regulation and process very seriously,” Rocco says. “If food companies are not careful with these processes and appropriate documentation, the consumer is at risk, especially if the product is adulterated or does not deliver the intended amount of active ingredient in the specified dosage form.”

To learn more about contract negotiation, quality controls and production of new food products (particularly in the nutraceuticals segment of the food industry), visit the company site. Connect with manufacturing consultants that understand the nutraceuticals sector inside and out.

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