RideConnect the ridesharing solution for the Earth’s New Paradigm

RideConnect, the private ridesharing platform, offers a unique solution for ridesharers even in this period of social distancing.

Ridesharing platform RideConnect from its inception sought to answer a simple question, “How can I get cheap, affordable,consistent and safe rides from people that I know?”

The platform offers users the tools commuters and travelers need to make smarter decisions before getting into a stranger’s car with its private ridesharing platform. As RideConnect’s CEO and Founder Santosh Krishnan stated, “The intent is to enable the rider to selectively allow drivers into their network so that the drivers meet certain minimum criteria.” The private network app gives riders the option to select criteria they need met in order to feel safe, giving them control of who picks them up. “With these features, riders have the power to only get rides with trusted drivers and can even insist that these drivers pass certain background checks or produce certain evidence of their qualifications before they allow them into their private community.”

Given the COVID-19 virus and the social distancing we all face, understanding who we are riding with could never be more important. RideConnect, amongst many other value added features, allows for riders to choose their drivers, schedule their rides beforehand and on a regular basis, and to schedule their rides with other riders that they know beforehand.

Given travelers and commuters all over the world’s need to find low cost alternatives to subway rides and mass transit, RideConnect’s ability to allow for riders and drivers to negotiate their pricing is also a welcomed upgrade from current ride sharing options for weary travelers.

As RideConnects founder Santosh Krisnan states “Now, more than ever, we need to safeguard the health of our loved ones. With such an invisible threat, RideConnect is the only platform on which you can build a safe network of drivers who you can ensure are safe and virus free”

About RideConnect

RideConnect has developed software that enables drivers to create communities of customers so that they can have their own private rideshare businesses. This simple idea is set to disrupt the ridesharing business on a massive scale. This platform was built to enable riders and drivers to avoid riding with unknown or unsafe individuals.

RideConnect decentralizes the ride share experience for both riders and drivers while allowing everyone to have a safer ridesharing experience. Currently boasting 2000+ daily active users and over 20k downloads, with little to no marketing and public relations this platform is set for “hockey stick” style growth in 2020 and 2021 as a safer alternative to ridesharing behemoths Uber and Lyft.

To find out more visit https://www.rideconnect.com

For a visual overview of RideConnect check out: http://bit.ly/RideConnectExplainer

To get in touch with The RideConnect Team please contact us at info@rideconnect.com

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