Richmond VA First Aid Emergency Care Training CPR And AED Classes Launched

New first aid training classes have been launched by Richmond Training Concepts. The training classes include basic first aid, CPR and AED and other emergency programs.

Richmond Training Concepts has launched new first aid training classes such as basic first aid, CPR and AED for community and workplaces, emergency oxygen classes and other first aid programs. The classes are suitable for anyone looking for professional first aid training to develop emergency knowledge and skills.

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The newly launched courses provide learners with practical and useful skills and tools that can be applied in life-threatening or emergency situations.

Some of the first aid classes include basic first aid, CPR and AED classes for communiy and workplace, and a CPR and AED combo class including basic first aid. Other options include bloodborne pathogens awareness classes, OSHA 10 and 30 hour certification training and HAZWOPER certification training.

The basic first aid program, which is among one of the new first aid training classes, is an ASHI course that aims to help students develop basic first aid skills and knowledge. This helps them to improve confidence and the ability to act in emergency situations.

This course is aimed at individuals that are not healthcare providers and professionals, but desire to be certified in basic emergency care and first aid. The classes are available in English as well as Spanish, and conform to the 2015 AHA and ARC guidelines for first aid.

In addition to the basic first aid course, customers will also find the bloodborne pathogens awareness class. This ASHI class is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge to help reduce and eliminate the occupational risk of bloodborne pathogens.

It teaches students the information required to avoid accidental exposure to dangerous, infectious materials. This class also teaches students how to respond to and manage an accidental exposure, were one to occur.

Richmond Training Concepts is a first aid instruction company serving the Virginia and surrounding areas. The company has been serving these areas for over 9 years and strives to offer top quality first aid instruction at an affordable price.

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