Richmond VA CPR First Aid Training Socially-Distanced Certification Class Launch

Richmond Training Concepts recently updated its range of socially distanced CPR, first aid, and advanced life saving certification training programs for students in Richmond, Virginia, and the surrounding area.

Richmond Training Concepts, a training center in Richmond, Virginia, announced the launch of a new range of socially-distanced CPR, first aid, and advanced life-saving certification training programs. The center specializes in providing cost-effective, socially-distanced certification classes in Virginia and surrounding areas.

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The newly revamped socially-distanced CPR, first aid and advanced life-saving certification training programs at Richmond Training Concepts are designed for everyday citizens, the general public, businesses, and to certify healthcare providers.

First aid is a valuable life skill that is applicable in any environment. Knowing how to activate EMS, perform CPR and use an AED are critical lifesaving skills that everyone should have.

Whether participants are healthcare providers who need recertification or someone who wants to learn CPR or first aid, Richmond Training Concepts offers a variety of life-saving and disaster preparedness courses.

Their community and workplace classes are open to anyone who wants to learn CPR or take First Aid classes. The courses cover fundamental first responder’s duties so that participants can provide lifesaving care when someone needs it.

In addition, the center offers CPR/AED and Basic First Aid Combo classes for education and child-care professionals, recreation and community program staff, new parents, regulatory, construction workers and other caretakers. These classes are available in English and Spanish.

The instructors at Richmond Training Concepts come from different backgrounds, including law enforcement, firefighters and EMS personnel. They all have hands-on field experience, meaning that participants will learn about real-life scenarios and best practices and not just textbook examples.

Amidst the global health crisis, Richmond Training Concepts is strictly following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization’s recommendations and taking as many proactive actions as possible to protect its students and staff.

A satisfied participant said: “Our instructor was excellent. It was a very informal atmosphere and much ignorance was removed. It was a long day of training yet he kept everyone on task and involved. I highly recommend this group for your safety training.”

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