Richmond VA Acrylic Displays Custom Sanitation Sneeze Guards Launched

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Virginia acrylic display company Acrylic Design Company now offers custom safety sneeze guard design services. The service provides businesses safety acrylic products to protect businesses from the COVID-19 virus.

Richmond, Virginia acrylic display manufacturing company Acrylic Design Company launched custom healthcare and safety sneeze guard design services. The business provides a wide array of custom acrylic display services for commercial businesses.

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The new service aims to provide businesses safety and sanitation acrylic products to protect their staff and customers from the spread infectious viruses.

The economic climate has been changed significantly by the current COVID-19 pandemic with many businesses closing down or refocusing efforts to online e-commerce. With businesses slowly reopening as of late, more and more companies have taken more stringent health measures to be able to open their doors and run their businesses while keeping employees and customers safe. Wanting to offer businesses support in this matter, Acrylic Design Company has launched custom safety sneeze guards design services.

Being in the acrylic design manufacturing business for over 30 years, Acrylic Design Company offers affordable yet durable high-quality acrylic products. Their safety and splash sneeze guards are made of thick, clear and sturdy acrylic panels that aid in reducing or eliminating the spread of aerosol transmission of infectious pathogens such as the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and other disease-carrying viruses and bacteria.

Their clear, free-standing multiple panel safety and splash sneeze guards feature quick and simple assembly with 3 flat panels and 2 clear flexible H hinges. The products are available with or without bottom openings. They also offer bespoke designs to fit specific requirements for every business need such as cashier counters, nurse stations, retail counters, food service areas and more.

According to a spokesperson from Acrylic Design Company, “We are the premier custom design acrylic manufacturer serving all of Virginia and the entire USA. We manufacture hundreds of beautiful handmade acrylic displays for use in retail stores, by collectors, museums, gift shops, artists, business offices, and more.”

More information about Acrylic Design Company and their services are available over the phone at +1-716-622-0095 or by visiting the aforementioned website.

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