Richmond BC E-commerce Social Media Marketing – IOS Data Privacy Strategy Launch

Vancouver, BC-based SocialMediaForMe Marketing (+1-604-710-1480) has launched updated social media marketing services for small businesses in Surrey, Richmond, and Coquitlam, BC.

SocialMedia4Me Marketing, digital promotion specialists based in Vancouver, BC, have launched updated e-marketing services for businesses in Surrey, Richmond and Coquitlam. The launch includes a new report on Apple’s most recent IOS 14.5 privacy update, its effect on smaller businesses, and how SocialMedia4Me Marketing can help.

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Apple’s latest update makes tailoring customer experience and data gathering for improvement of services harder than before. SocialMedia4Me keeps clients one step ahead of these changes, providing bespoke marketing solutions and workaround strategies to ensure businesses can continue to personalize their services according to their individual business models.

The latest iOS update from Apple has introduced App Tracking Transparency. Prior to this update, developers could track user data from within their apps. Users must now give consent for these data gathering practices and can opt in or out as they wish.

The newly launched report on Apple’s latest privacy software update explains how Apple has turned a legitimate opportunity for businesses to engage with their customers into a privacy issue. The article suggests that Apple is attempting to gain favor with consumers, seeking to build trust in their brand when, in reality, the company is using these same data collection tactics itself.

SocialMedia4Me Marketing offers expertise in generating sustainable revenue for e-commerce stores and smaller businesses. The company provides customized marketing solutions through SEO, website analytics, Google Adwords campaigns, and social media strategies.

SocialMedia4Me are digital marketing specialists, providing dedicated customer care and tailored campaigns that reflect an individual company’s needs and target audiences. The expert team offers innovative marketing, harnessing the potential of all the major social media platforms and large e-commerce sites such as Amazon to drive growth for their clients and increase revenue.

A spokesperson says, “We provide various social media marketing and advertising solutions to make the process of converting your prospects fast, painless, and more productive.”

With the launch of its new report on Apple’s privacy update and the expansion of its marketing services to help businesses manage these changes, SocialMedia4Me affirms its commitment to helping the smaller business owner compete with the major players in the e-commerce sector.

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