Richard Haight’s School of Martial, Mediation & Healing Arts Opens Ashland OR

With the aim of teaching the power of harmony in daily life, Richard Haight's School of Martial, Meditation & Healing Arts has opened its doors to the public of Ashland Oregon. More information can be found at

Richard Haight’s School of Martial, Meditation & Healing Arts opens its doors to the public with the aim of making a great impact in realms of martial arts, meditation, and healing arts. The school teaches a number of traditional Japanese martial arts, as well as meditation and healing arts for the purpose of realizing practical harmony in daily life. Richard Haights School of Martial, Meditation & Healing Arts holds classes at 258 A Street, Suite #12, Ashland, Oregon.

For more information, visit the school’s website at:

Richard Haight’s School of Martial, Meditation & Healing Arts will appeal to health and fitness, meditation enthusiasts, as well as those interested in internal martial arts, and anyone wishing to experience the true power of harmony in their daily lives. The school began teaching select individuals in January of 2016 and is now opening the doors to the public. Richard Haight’s School of Martial, Meditation & Healing Arts offers something totally unique to Rogue Valley residents. Master Richard Haight says: “There simply is no other school in the valley that is offering the skills and integration that is inherent to this school and the elite traditions that are taught here. What we are teaching is a totally applicable harmony in daily life that encompasses work, relationships, health, and, of course, a powerful self-defense based on harmony.”

Richard Haight, Sensei is a menkyo kaiden, shihan in Japan (certified as a master of total completion) and teaches the venerated arts of Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu (open-handed self-defense), Yagyu Shinkage-ryu Kenjutsu (sword fencing), Yagyu Shinkage-ryu Jojutsu (short staff), Seigo-ryu Battojutsu (quick-drawing the sword), as well as the cutting-edge Shinkaido method of meditation, and Shinkai-ho Autonomic Therapy. Master Haight is also the author of ‘The Unbound Soul: Applied Spirituality’, which is available at:…

At a recent demonstration, Sensei Haight spoke about his vision for the school: “When Richard Haight’s School of Martial, Meditation & Healing Arts was founded, I was determined that it would be the kind of school that was known for bringing out what is most valuable and true within the student. One of the biggest challenges we face is people seeing what we do and dismissing out out-of-hand as being impossible. Fortunately I have discovered safe ways to demonstrate the incredible power of these arts without risk of injury to potential students. It is hard to be dismissive after having directly experienced the power harmony.”

Richard Haight also mentioned his goal of getting as many individuals in the valley and in the world as possible to experience these truly inspiring arts, so that they may begin searching for the innate harmony within themselves. “It’s my vision that training in these arts of harmony will bring about positive changes in the lives of students and that will reflect into the world to create a more harmonious and respectful community.”

More information on Richard Haight’s School of Martial, Meditation & Healing Arts can be found at their website:

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