RIC Open Fit Hearing Aid With Bluetooth Smartphone TV MP3 Connectivity Announced

EarMall.com announced its premier and affordable iHear Blu receiver-in-canal (RIC) and open fit hearing aid made in the USA and featuring in-built Bluetooth technology that allows for smartphone calls, MP3 player music of TV sound to be streamed directly into the hearing aid.

The popular EarMall.com announced its premier hearing aid, Accutone iHear Blu Bluetooth Hearing Aid, allowing for connectivity with smartphone devices or mp3 players to send sound directly into the hearing aid.

More information is available at http://earmall.com/products/accutone-ihear-blu-hearing-aid.

EarMall.com is a popular business with an established reputation for providing premier and affordable alternatives to the traditional and costly hearing aids available in the offline market, including its renowned and exclusive personal listening device collection iHear.

The business has now announced the release of its new Accutone iHear Blu Bluethooth Hearing Aid, made in the USA, designed for moderate to severe hearing loss and featuring premier Bluetooth connectivity technology to allow for smartphone calls, MP3 player music of TV sound to be streamed directly into the hearing aid.

The newly announced iHear Blu is also a receiver-in-canal (RIC) and open-fit hearing aid to provide a subtle and discreet solution that allows the ear canal to be open to offer prime sound clarity without a ‘plugged-up’ feeling while requiring no office visit for fitting or maintenance and ensuring an easy volume adjustment for the wearer.

More information on the Accutone iHear Blu Bluethooth Hearing Aid and its open-fit design or RIC and Bluetooth technology along with complete specifications and a video demo showcasing the product as well as details on its affordable prices, color options, warranties, and more, can be consulted on the website link provided above.

The EarMall.com explains that “this hearing aid is significant because it provides Bluetooth connectivity so that the wearer can have calls from their smartphone, music from their MP3 player, or sound from their TV streamed directly into their hearing aids just as if they were wearing earbuds. And it does that for half the cost of similar devices from the big hearing aid companies.”

The business adds that “all our iHears are small and one-size-fits all and there’s an iHear for every budget, whether clients want something that just makes quiet sounds louder, or need the latest technology. We’ve been selling hearing products online for over a decade and we have an excellent customer satisfaction rate and are able to charge much less than traditional brick and mortar stores.”

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