Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy And Rescue Dog House Training Videos Released

Ridgeback training resource portal Rhodesian Ridgeback Training has launched a series of house training videos for new owners of Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies and rescue dogs. The videos are accompanied by detailed pdfs with tips from leading Ridgie training experts.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Training, an online dog training website, has released new Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy and rescue dog house training videos. The site features house training videos for Ridgeback puppies, rescue dogs, and purebreds as part of a comprehensive behavior training course.

More information about Rhodesian Ridgeback Training is available at https://rhodesianridgebackstraining.com

The canine behavior training program provider has released a free video training course covering the rudiments of obedience training and house training for Rhodesian Ridgebacks. The 2020 training videos and guides focus on helping disobedient, aloof, stubborn, and independent dogs adapt to a home environment.

The training program for Rhodesian Ridgebacks—”Ridgies”—includes tips and strategies to housebreak puppies and rescue dogs. These powerful, playful, and athletic dogs have strong personalities and storied histories as hunting and guard dogs that accompanied British settlers in South Africa and Zimbabwe, and in some cases, have successfully hunted lions.

The top Rhodesian Ridgeback training program is designed for new or inexperienced dog owners. The program focuses on a consistent, firm, and fair training approach for rescued Ridgies and puppies. Without training, these strong-willed hounds often develop a stubborn streak that proves difficult to remove.

Participants in Rhodesian Ridgeback Training’s Ridgie house training video course receive full access to all training video content and pdfs of training guides. The training program is built exclusively for Ridgebacks to build trust between owners and dogs. The program includes access to a community of professional trainers, dog enthusiasts, and other Ridgeback owners.

The training program covers common training mistakes for Rhodesian Ridgebacks and how to avoid them, preventing aggressive play-biting and nipping, and new tricks that engage puppies. The program includes access to pro trainers and a deeper understanding of Ridgeback dog psychology.

According to a spokesperson for the Rhodesian Ridgeback training provider, “We admire Rhodesian Ridgebacks for their playfulness, athleticism, and strong personalities. Our new training program prepares Ridgie owners to help puppies, purebreds, and rescue animals build better relationships with their dogs.”

Rhodesian Ridgeback Training is a pro training program designed by a team of canine training experts who have worked with thousands of animals. The team includes specialists in animal nutrition and behavior.

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