RGP Successfully Completes Multi-Million Dollar Remodeling Project In Norman OK

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RGP Restoration, Construction and Roofing Group has successfully completed a multi-million dollar remodeling and renovation project for Twin Creek Village Apartments in Norman, Oklahoma. RGP completely rebuilt the swimming pool area, remodeled all the apartment homes with new amenities, modernizing the property to 2017 standards.

RGP Restoration, Construction & Roofing Group, one of the leading renovation companies in Oklahoma, is delighted to announce the successful completion of their latest multi-million dollar remodeling projects at the Twin Creek Village Apartments located at 1300 Creekside Drive in Norman, OK 73071.

The project was a multi-million dollar, long term renovation, that took a substantial amount of planning and preparation. Due to the expertise, knowledge and experience of RGP, the renovation project was completed in time, and within budget.

RGP is unique within the industry in that they cover a broad range of projects, including a small, single family home remodeling job to the larger more intricate multi-family properties. Whatever the size of the project, RGP devotes the same amount of care and attention to detail, to ensure that their clients are delighted with the results. The experience that their staff have gained from working on such a wide variety of projects is unrivaled among other companies, ensuring that whatever the problem, RGPs staff will invariably be able to come up with the appropriate solution.

The highlight of the Twin Creek Village, and the feature that has generated most interest is the stunning, completely remodeled swimming pool area that RGP used to enhance the complex. The pool itself includes beautiful LED lighting in the evenings with accent lighting and irrigation in all landscaped areas, with a resort type atmosphere not seen in very many apartment communities. RGP rebuilt the pool area by completely removing the existing swimming pool and installing a new luxury concrete pool. They also designed a custom built steel pergola system that acts as a conversational pit area and at the same time giving sun protection and in wet weather able to handle stormy weather. The project budget for all features included in this complete removal and restoration of the pool and the addition of all amenities is the swimming pool area were at a cost of $175,000. This is the sort of individual and unique design that the forward thinking team at RGP brings to the table.

“When we first started RGP 14 years ago, we were not in a position to undertake such huge renovation projects as the latest one we have just completed at Twin Creek Village,” said Michael McClure the CEO of RGP Restoration, Construction & Roofing Group. “It was the smaller jobs, the construction of single family homes, along with fire and water restoration projects that enabled us to grow and develop as a company, which is why we are just as eager and enthusiastic about completing a home renovation as we are about building an entire apartment complex from scratch.” The vast majority of our competitors forget about the smaller jobs, but our roots in the Oklahoma City Metro area are very important to us, which is why we will never fall into that trap. In saying that, we are absolutely delighted with how the Twin Creek project turned out, and the feedback from the tenants has been very positive. We are already hard at work on our next project, which you can follow on our Facebook Page.”

RGP Restoration, Construction and Roofing Group was formed in 2003. The company has continued to grow over the years by delivering first-class workmanship, outstanding customer service, and attention to quality and detail. The company provides full construction and renovation services including but not limited to, fire and water restoration, commercial and residential roofing, new construction of homes and multifamily properties, along with remodeling and renovations. For more information, or to speak to one of their friendly customer service team visit their website at www.911rgp.com.

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