Rezzil VR Soccer Platform Offers Hope in Efforts to Reduce Head Trauma Risk

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Rezzil releases information on how its Soccer Training service will change things on practicing heading a soccer ball with no impact to the head. Further information can be found at

Rezzil, a leading VR sports technology company, announced the launch of its Soccer Training Platform. For anyone who plays soccer competitively and is interested in increasing their cognitive ability, including spatial awareness, situational awareness and quick decision-making, Rezzil’s revolutionary virtual soccer training has become a valuable addition to a player and coach’s toolbox. Rezzil not only has created a series of drills designed to improve these skills, but it also has developed a drill called Head Smart, which addresses both proper technique in heading a soccer ball and injury safety concerns, as Head Smart requires zero physical impact to the head.

Soccer, like many youth sports, has been subject to increased efforts to reduce blows to the head and potential brain injury risk. Leaders in youth soccer have come together to create guidelines in the United States, which currently set forth limits on the frequency youth players may head the ball. While limiting heading helps address the safety issue, heading is still a part of the game and a vital part of a youth player’s development. Rezzil’s Head Smart is a welcome solution to addressing this issue as it features the ability to work on heading technique in a realistic and challenging virtual environment while abiding by current youth soccer safety protocols.

As with any of Rezzil’s VR drills, Head Smart can be practiced by a player of any age. Players, both youth and professionals, are blown away by how realistic Rezzil’s VR technology is. This realistic technology and its carefully crafted drills allow players to improve their consistency and focus in scanning the field, distributing the ball under pressure, and hitting select targets with composure, among other skills. A player will notice an immediate improvement in cognitive skills on the field. Operations Director / Co-Owner at Rezzil, Christian Barsanti comments, “Our virtual reality software offers a great opportunity to help players practice a skill in a fun, immersive way that keeps them engaged,” and he makes a point of saying, “Things are going to change when our Soccer Training Platform launches.”

Barsanti continues, “In addition, we provide a training platform to work on heading the soccer ball without any impact to your head. This is a gamechanger: for players, for coaches and for parents. Ultimately this is going to be a huge benefit to our customers, because the platform allows the player to practice this skill in a safe environment and in a consistent manner with the ball being delivered accurately 100% of the time, so a player can get better at heading with zero physical impact to the head.”

Rezzil was established in 2017 in England and has been doing business 3 years in the United States and 4 years globally. With a DNA built on innovation, Rezzil has always aimed to innovate in any large or small way it can, given its firm belief that innovation drives progress and greater happiness.

Rezzil is excited to bring to market its unique cognitive training system and its game-changing heading simulation drill used in many of the world’s top clubs. To learn more, please visit, or contact or your local Soccer Post to try out Head Smart and its other drills for yourself. For those with an Oculus Quest VR Headset, Rezzil is launching Player 22, a consumer gaming product which features many of the same features. For more information, go to

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