Revolutionary Real Automated Branded Ecommerce Store Creation Service Launched

MerchYourBusiness releases information on how its new real automation branded ecommerce store service will revolutionize the way ecommerce is done. For more info visit

Online business enabler MerchYourBusiness announced today the launch of its new real automated custom Branded Ecommerce Stores for businesses, entrepreneurs and influencers to tap into the exploding multi-trillion dollar online industry.

Ecommerce is projected to hit $6.5 trillion dollars by 2023, a 2 to 3X growth in just 2 years. This unprecedented phenomenal growth is fueled by new technologies, changes in consumer behaviors and accelerated by the on-going pandemic.

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Enterprising businesses and individuals are grabbing the business opportunity of a lifetime by setting up ecommerce stores to sell products online. This is truly how businesses are being done in the emerging Industrial Revolution 4.0 environment. Adoption and adaptation to this new digital reality will be the difference between the winners and losers now and in the future thriving economy.

The founder of MerchYourBiz, Ricky Mataka, makes a point of saying, “We show businesses how to quickly tap into this exploding industry even if they are just starting out.”

US commerce grew 44% in 2020 alone. At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, 10 years of ecommerce growth happened in just 90 days. (Results sourced from McKinsey).

Ricky Mataka continues, “We show businesses the secret of building their online business fast, even if they have not started. We give businesses the complete solution so they will not be left high and dry wondering what to do next after they have set up an online store. We provide real automation for ecommerce business owners.”

“With our 10+ years in the eCommerce space, we know exactly what works so our customers are set up for success from day one. They do not have to go through expensive and time consuming trial-and-error process, which is a recipe for frustration and failure.”

“All products are produced in the US by premium quality US suppliers using the “Print On Demand” model. Businesses do not have to carry inventory. Order fulfillment is automated 24/7 without Branded Ecommerce Store owners having to do any fulfillment work themselves. Everything is automated. We are able to do this as we are the technology builders for this industry.”

Established in 2021, MechYourBusiness is the culmination of a 10-year proven track record of creating technologies and building online businesses for companies and entrepreneurs. MerchYourBusiness is set up with a dedicated team to produce top quality merchandise on multi million dollar platforms. This empowers businesses to compete profitably on their own terms using US suppliers. This eliminates the nightmare of logistical issues using overseas suppliers and competing with similar store owners for low profit margins.

Currently, the closest thing to MerchYourBusiness’s Branded Ecommerce Stores are expensive agencies which charge way too much for partial solutions. After which, business owners have to figure out how to make the system work and having to buy upgrades and more consultation. This compares with the end-to-end solution of MerchYourBusiness. Store branding, design, setup, product selection and creation, marketing and selling, to automated product fulfillment is built into the system. The system is geared for success for business owners from day one. A true real all-in-one automated branded ecommerce store system.

MerchYourBusiness launches on 25 May, 2021. To find out more, visit

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