Revolutionary Breakthrough in Eye Care by Marine Essentials

E+Selenium Mist contains Selenium and vitamin E which help in preventing free radical damage, cardiovascular disease, premature aging and cataract formation. These two "super" nutrients are fused together in one spray to give you the best protection for your cells.

Revolutionary Breakthrough in Eye Care by Marine Essentials. As individuals age, it becomes increasingly important to take care of one's body and most importantly, vision and eye health. New technological advancements in health care have allowed an influx of new revolutionary products to become available to the public.

Introducing the new breakthrough product E+Selenium Mist from the health care specialists Marine Essentials. E+ Selenium Mist is scientifically formulated to improve overall eye health and help prevent the risk of disease with its unique formula of two powerful vision-enhancing nutrients, Selenium and Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant.

There is no doubt that science has proven the benefits of Vitamin E and its effects on general eye health. The Age-Related Eye Disease Study of more than 3,600 people found that Vitamin E may help reduce the risk age-related vision loss by up to 25%

Oral mist sprays have their benefits in comparison to average tablet supplements in that it is absorbed by the body more quickly and efficiently whereas people who use tablet supplements only gain a small majority of its contents and health benefits.

E+ Selenium is not only for eye health, it also aids in protecting cells against the effect of aging and promotes the function of a healthy immune system which makes E+ Selenium by Marine Essentials an effective and practical product which can help individuals gain independence as they age.

Not only do people get this revolutionary product, they also receive a 100% unconditional money back guarantee if they are not satisfied, making E+Selenium Mist a healthy investment.

Marine Essentials is a reputable brand of oral mist products and health supplements and many people have seen the benefits of the products that the company makes.

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