‘Revived’ Motivational Book Helps Combat Growing Mental Health Breakdowns

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Revived and resurged motivational book 'Defeating Goliath' becomes a top pick for people struggling with depression and anxiety thanks to author's simple strategy for achieving personal victory!

According to Mental Health America, 2/3 of people screened for depression had severe or moderately severe symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, a percentage of victims sought remedy through unhealthy practices, to include suicide.

However, since the introduction of vaccines, people with depression are finding ways to take back control of their lives. Whereas some individuals are frequenting the gym as a coping method, or arranging counseling sessions with mental health specialists, an exponential number of people are turning to meditation and motivational books, such as, Defeating Goliath, for guidance and strategies.

Originally launched in 2015, Defeating Goliath had disrupted conventional motivation methodologies by introducing a simple, yet, systematic approach to facing and taking down life’s biggest problems. Authored by former Marine and Personal Success coach Ellard “Coach Ell” Thomas, the book incites hope in readers and reveals a seven-step process that helps them to turn big problems into bigger victories.

Coach Ell’s Theory highlights the centuries-old strategy of taking down giants, where he has come up with an innovative method to breaking down psychological, financial, spiritual and emotional barriers often found at the root of depression and anxiety. Ellard has discovered the perfect tailor-made strategy based on these focuses. His theory will help readers achieve their ideal outcomes as well as live happier and more successful lives.

What Readers love about Defeating Goliath…

– Understanding who or what your Goliath really is (page 2)

– How to activate your inner warrior (page 38)

– How to strategize your victory (page 58)

– How to use the momentum of your past wins for today’s battles (page 78)

According to Coach Ell, “During these challenging times, when depression and anxiety rob us of happiness and the fervor for life, people are looking for happiness, and break the feelings of isolation and depression. They want peace and to experience the freedom which stems from the absence of ‘giants’. By identifying and defeating their own ‘Goliath’, whether it’s depression or something else blocking them from the life they desire and deserve, readers will not only find the right strategy for their own victory, but they’ll also learn how to be the champion in every area of their life.”

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Defeating Goliath takes readers through Coach Ell’s own personal journey as well as reveal techniques that ensure personal wins. It’s broken down in simple steps, which helps readers with taking the necessary actions for the results they want to see.

Coach Ell can speak with conviction and authority as he has been an inspiration to thousands of people around the world. He has been victorious in surviving abuse, the death of his mother, financial destitution, homelessness and many other adversities. Through it all, Coach Ell has continued to reinvent his own life and create pathways of success for others.

As the pandemic crisis of Covid-19 continues to stretch around the world, even with a glimmer of hope in sight, people still need help moving forward in their lives. Moreover, they long for something positive, and psychologically and emotionally uplifting. The resurgence and increasing popularity of Defeating Goliath reveals something fascinating. Proven and time-tested principles will remain relevant as long as they aid people in their victory over depression or any other obstacles that stand between them and their ideal way of living.

Ellard “Coach Ell” Thomas has a background in personal development, ministry and leadership strategy. His 20 years of experience in helping educators, entrepreneurs, professionals, and students to succeed, as well as achieving victories over his own giants, helped shaped the creation of the this book. He has proven that with the right strategy, every obstacle can be overcome, especially depression.

Those interested in learning more about the book can visit here: https://powerandsuccess.org/defeating-goliath

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