Review of The Asigo System with AmpiFire HowContent Is Still The King

Chris Munch, the creator of the Asigo System powered by AmpiFire, is making "content is king" a reality for all size businesses easier and more afortable.

Chris Munch, the co-founder of The Asigo System powered by AmpiFire, understood that “content is king,” a 1996 quote by Bill Gates, is more than a catchy phrase that online marketers use, but the basic rule of how the internet functions. Each day there are millions of news articles, blog posts, podcasts, presentations, and videos created to catch the attention of viewers, visitors, potential leads, and customers.

The only problem is that to compete with websites that output 15 to 150 content pieces a day one would need a full-time staff of writers, graphic artists, and video producers or spend a small fortune on freelances every single day. Content is not cheap, a well-written article can cost anywhere from $300 to $3,000, as it’s becoming more common for good writers to charge $2 per word.

Other pieces of content like presentations can run $40 per slide, a podcast could be $500 or more, video around $1,000, and so on. There are other cheaper alternatives, but even than the costs would be a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per week of content.

Chris’s idea was to streamline the production and distribution of content that any online business can get the only exposure it deserves for a fraction of the cost. That’s how the world’s first content amplification platform, AmpiFire, was conceived. Today Ampfire has been used by thousands of users promoting any form of online business, from a mom blog to big announcements and releases.

The reason AmpiFire is both affordable and powerful enough for any kind of business is thanks to automation. It uses a unique distribution of content as well as the creation and re-purposing of content. For example, a piece of content can be either written by a marketing expert, the individual can write from scratch or choose from plenty of templates with fill in the blanks style of writing.

Features like these allow even a one-person business to put out 400+ pieces of content in less than an hour or two. All of which will be pointing back to his or her website and redirecting the visitors. Which would takes hundreds of hours to do manually.

However, despite all the success, Chris Munch noticed that AmpiFire was mostly used by online business owners who were already running promotions before using his platform. This was great in itself, but Chris Munch wanted to help everybody and that’s when he partnered up with Jay Cruiz to create The Asigo System.

The Asigo System guides the user on how to create almost turn-key online businesses based on dropshipping eServices, or simply saying selling/reselling eServices that are provider by someone else. The Asigo System allows anyone without prior experience in marketing to create such properties with templates, videos, and automation. After that, such website with be powered up with the AmpiFire to bring in the sales.

The goal was to create something as simple and powerful as the AmpiFire, but for the creation of a profitable online website, business, or a funnel rather than distribution. The combination of The Asigo System and AmpiFire finally gives their users a full strategy from creating a business from scratch to having a constant flow of visitors that bring in leads and sales.

That’s a powerful tool that uses content marketing to the fullest. For a full presentation, demo and the Review of Asigo System powered by AmpiFire visit:

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