Review Of Superior Healthcare Group : Atlanta Stem Cell Treatment For Knee Pain

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For people interested in Stem Cell Injections, Ms. Morris has just released a video review of Superior Healthcare Group Sandy Springs.

This video covers Atlanta Stem Cell & Regenerative Therapy.

It also covers Knee Pain Relief.

This new video review can be viewed at this link:

Doctor Atlee Wampler at Superior Healthcare Group Sandy Springs, says “Honest reviews of our business are always welcome. Our regenerative therapy provides chronic pain relief to those who suffer from it daily.”.

With over a decade of service helping patients recover from all sorts of injuries, ailments and physical challenges, Superior Healthcare Group has developed a core philosophy that sets them apart from any other medical practice.

“Rarely does one singular form of treatment provide a complete solution to the complex physical and psychological challenges that most people face in trying to achieve optimal health and overall wellness.”

Instead, it takes a unique and integrated approach to provide lasting results and the quickest relief with an array of treatments and therapies that all work together for the fastest and most effective benefits to the patient.

What does that really mean?

It means that Superior Healthcare Group is not just a sports injury clinic. They are not just a chiropractic office. They are not just a weight loss facility. They are not just physical therapists. Nor are they just medical doctors and registered nurses.

Superior Healthcare Group is a unique and holistic health and wellness medical clinic that combines the best of all of these practices under a single roof.

So if patients come to them with a sports-related or physical injury they’re not just going to treat them with traditional physical therapy. Rather, they may combine physical therapy with chiropractic care, trigger point therapy, and perhaps even Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and/or Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy to help the patients not only heal faster and more completely than they could achieve with any one of these treatments alone, but also give them some guidance on exercises they can do at home and even tips on maintaining a proper diet that can help them stay healthy and injury free for many years to come.

At Superior Healthcare Group, their medical team specializes in sports injuries, pain management, physical therapy and chiropractic care for those who are suffering from acute and chronic pain due to injury or otherwise. Using a scientifically proven approach and cutting edge procedures, their doctors treat the “whole person” to restore wellness and vitality while reducing or eliminating pain completely. They employ a variety of medical therapies including chiropractic care, conventional medicine, physical therapy, regenerative medicine, weight loss support and leading-edge medical technology that treat the underlying causes of the pain or injury and restore full function and mobility in most cases.

With the goal of providing superior health care to each of their patients (just as their name states), their approach is to first diagnose the exact issue and then find the root cause. If there are any underlying conditions, they look for those as well. Medical experts then go on to work closely with the patient to develop a treatment plan that will fit their lifestyle and enhance their overall health and wellness. They typically begin by reviewing each patient’s medical history and records before moving on to a physical examination. The doctors may also run diagnostics such as X-rays and other tests to help decide the exact severity and nature of the issue at hand.

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