Revenue Sharing Online Advertising Website Launched

A new website helps users get both traffic and share in the revenue generated from advertising in a new form of revenue sharing online advertising. The new website enables users to pay for advertising to generate online traffic or to get traffic free.

Online businesses looking for traffic can now get both traffic and share in the revenue generated from advertising in a new revenue sharing online advertising website. With the new website users can pay for advertising to generate online traffic or get it free.

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In 2008 there was a huge rise in the number of home based businesses due to the global economic crisis. There was a surge in the number of people around the world seeking a way to make more money to either supplement or replace a full-time income.

Many of those people started online business ventures and that trend is continuing today. That resulted in two major challenges.

First people who started online businesses selling products and services commonly faced the challenge of finding quality traffic. Finding quality advertising online can be very difficult and finding it a price that’s economical enough to make a good profit is even more challenging.

The second challenge for many people was identifying an online venture that could be a reliable revenue stream for them.

A new website solves both of those challenges by providing quality advertising online that helps to drive targeted visitors to websites and by creating a secondary revenue stream to the people who promote that advertising.

The appealing part of the advertising and the secondary revenue stream is the low initial cost. Advertising can be purchased in packs for as little as $50 and users can start generating a secondary revenue stream without any upfront cost at all.

Advertising services offered by the new website include pay per click banner ads, pay per click text ads, traffic exchange pages, login ads and traffic packages.

Users can also join the service completely free and get visitors through a traffic exchange in return for visiting other members’ sites themselves. This gives new members with low budgets a chance to get their traffic rolling without having to invest any money upfront.

Making revenue this way without having to pay an initial upfront fee is also possible.

More information on the new website and the opportunities for online advertising and revenue sharing are available at this link

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