Reusable Mop Brand Reveals Why Hospital Uses Microfiber Mops For Tile Floors

Germs are spread from room to room with a mop and bucket thereby spreading infectious pathogens. By using microfiber mops, hospitals can eliminate room to room cross-contamination.

Due to the need to reduce the amount of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), hospitals are resorting to using microfiber to clean the floors instead of the traditional loop mop and bucket system. According to a study conducted by The University of California Davis Medical Center (UCDMC), germs are spread from room to room with the mop and bucket method thereby spreading infectious pathogens. By using microfiber mops, hospitals can eliminate room to room cross-contamination thereby reducing (HAIs).

Microfibers are super densely formed nylon fibers that are one-sixteenth the size of a human hair. At the end of each fiber, there is a hook that latches onto and removes germs and bacteria. Cotton cannot remove germs, it only moves them around. In addition to microfiber’s unique germ removal ability, the fibers have a positive charge which enables them to attract dirt and dust.

“One of the biggest contributors to microfibers accomplishment in helping hospitals has to do with the fact that there is no bucket of water,” Say’s Brian from Temples Pride, the creator of the Dredge microfiber mop. “Mop water is the main culprit in spreading germs around. By switching to microfiber, hospitals are able to do away with the water buckets that were causing cross-contamination and instead changed the microfiber pad for a fresh one at each room change. The pads are then laundered thereby killing off the germs. In contrast, with cotton mops, they were never laundered thereby further allowing the growth and spread of harmful germs and pathogens.”

Temples Pride was founded in 2015 with a mission to provide an environmentally friendly & effective microfiber floor mopping system. To further support their mission, they are dedicated to reducing their environmental impact by helping to protect critical forest habitat. For every mop that they sell, they plant 1 tree.

More information about Temples Pride and the Dredge microfiber mop is available on their website.

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