Resume Writing Investment Banking Job Interview Preparation Services Launched

The Write Resume just launched a job finding service for clients interested in starting or advancing their career in investment banking. The company is dedicated to guiding clients through the intimidating application process to ensure a positive result.

Vocation Wire announced that “The Write Resume” recently launched a new job finding service for people looking to work in investment banking. The dedicated team will help clients be easily selected for an interview against hundreds of candidates and successfully start or progress their career in investment banking.

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Investment banking is a fast-moving and very competitive business that requires specialized knowledge and experience. The newly launched job finding solutions at “The Write Resume” aim to help individuals land an investment banking job as easy and as efficiently as possible.

When it comes to investment banking, one of the biggest fears most people have when applying for a position is the intimidation of the application process.

The expert team at “The Write Resume” provide clients with exclusive introductions to insiders at their target firm and in their target investment banking division, thus ensuring guidance from a person that is familiar with the entire hiring process.

Insiders can then introduce applicants to hiring managers and recommend them for their desired investment banking position, including Junior Analyst Associate, Vice President, Junior Analyst Associate, Senior Analyst, Senior Manager Business Analyst and Senior Associate.

In addition, the experts at “The Write Resume” have the skills and knowledge to guarantee that the client has control of his/her digital self.

They can view each client’s profile from the perspective of the recruiter, identify possible problems and guide the client through the steps of building their band online by using blogs, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

As part of their best selling packages, The Write Resume team is now also offering Career Coaching for free.

According to the official website of Vocation Wire, “If you want to be in the top 2% of applicants that get accepted or better still, the top 1% who are making really good incomes then I recommend using the service of The Write Resume. Unlike any other careers service, The Write Resume team purely focuses on getting its clients jobs in Investment Banking, in any company or division. They have the expertise, the team and the proven track record to land you a job offer.”

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