Restore Deep Sleep Recovery Natural Blend Insomnia Vitality Supplement Released

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A nutritional product that combats insomnia, obesity and lack of energy due to overproduction of cortisol is launching. The product contains a properly balanced mixture that helps reduce stress.

An established nutritional manufacturer has launched Resurge, a product to help men and women regain vitality and strength. The company recommends this product for anyone wanting to improve deep-sleep and maintain a healthy weight.

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The launch of this proprietary blend of natural herbs was prompted after the company received requests from its customer base to develop a product that would combat early aging. Premature aging, obesity, slow metabolism, insomnia, and a general lack of zest and vitality are common symptoms of most modern populations. Scientific studies have revealed that stress levels, soil depletion, and inactivity are familiar sources of this decline.

Management decided to develop one product that would address these and other common issues. They felt that recent discoveries in the area of human growth hormone might be the answer. After months of research, this product is now ready for the general population.

During the testing phase, research groups reported deeper sleep, increased metabolism, elimination of various sleep disorders, and reduced mood disorders, including depression. Part of the solution lay in this product’s ability to reduce the overproduction of cortisol, a byproduct of stress. The syndrome this chemical causes results in many of the symptoms modern man suffer.

Resurge contains a proportionately balanced mixture of several items found to help eliminate sleep disorders, obesity, and more. This is accomplished naturally through the synergistically blended nutrients that are contained in this product.

A company spokesman said, “This formula helps to naturally awaken the true fat-burning, healing and regenerative potential that lays dormant within every human body.”

Resurge is manufactured here in the USA in an FDA approved and GMP certified facility under the most sterile, strict, and precise standards. All orders carry an empty bottle money-back guarantee, and there are no known side effects.

As this product launches, everyone is encouraged to try it on a risk-free basis. If a customer is dissatisfied for any reason, they have sixty days to notify the company and receive a refund.

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