RestorClean of Atlanta Now Offering 24 Hour Flood Water Clean Up and Restoration

RestorClean of Atlanta releases information about its new 24 Hour Water and Flood Clean Up service in the Atlanta, GA area. Further information can be found at

RestorClean of Atlanta Georgia announced the official launch of their 24 Hour Emergency Water and Flood Clean Up service. They have highly trained technicians that are experts in cleaning up from storm damage and other major or minor leaks that may occur in a property. RestorClean also mentioned that these services are available for both Residential and Commercial property.

The first thing folks should expect is Super Quick service anytime of the day or night. RestorClean makes this happen by having a full staff of Technicians available 24/7. The response time is key to reducing the damage to your property. Even in the biggest of emergencies you can expect fast service, sometimes as quick as with in 30 minutes.

“We place a very high level of priority on serving our customers quickly and efficiently.” – Martrez Carter of RestorClean

RestorClean wants to remind everyone of the importance of handling water damage issues quickly and efficiently. When not treated properly, water issues can cause much greater issues such as further property damage, mold, and even potential health issues. A water leak or flood should never be left to chance. An expert water restoration company should be contacted to handle the job and make sure it is done right.

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Learn more about their Water Damage Restoration Services.

Some of the issues that are handled include:

Storm and Flood Damage, leaks in Kitchen and Bathroom plumbing, Water Main bursts, busted outdoor pipes, Roof Leaks, Foundation Crack leaks, Water Heaters, and more.

One may be interested to know what went into the set up of their 24 Hour Water and Flood Clean Up service.

“We have worked for nearly 18 months properly setting up our 24 hour emergency services division. We needed to ensure we had the best equipment and the right staffing. And we are proud to roll out this service to the Atlanta and Marietta areas.” – Martrez Carter of RestorClean

For further information about RestorClean or the new 24 Hour Water and Flood Clean Up service, visit the website at or call 678-257-3111

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