Restless Leg Relief and Stretching DVD Pair Rocket Up Amazon Charts

A pair of DVDs by a Pennsylvania doctor have gained a lot of attention lately; why they're so popular, and the greater ramifications of the modern production revolution.

A pair of DVDs by a Pennsylvania doctor have recently rocketed up the Amazon listings charts to become two of the top selling DVDs in their respective categories. They have goofy covers, but their message is serious. Even more serious than the content, say some, is what the success of such DVDs can mean for traditional media avenues. 

The DVD creator is Stanley Lang, who has been practicing medicine here in Pennsylvania for decades. He says that the DVDs were a response to a common problem he was having.  “I would teach a patient a set of stretches or exercise to help with a problem – restless leg syndrome or inflexibility or some such issue – and when I’d get them back in my office a month later, they were doing them all wrong.  I’d re-teach them, and the next time I saw them they’d be doing it incorrectly again. So I set about to create a DVD that would guide them through the process and remind them of the “dos and don’ts” to get the best success from the program.” When followed correctly, Dr. Lang say his methods boast over a 90% success rate in improving or completely reducing symptoms.  Those are definitely impressive statistics.

Even more impressive, however, may be just how common such endeavors are.  “We live in a creator economy,” says Justin West, the CEO and President of Hundreds of Customers LLC, a local marketing company based near Kansas City.  “In your pocket right now, most likely, is the single greatest publishing device known in the history of the universe,” West states enthusiastically. “You can write, record, shoot video, edit, and publish to the cloud – or even straight to print – all from the hand-held smart-device you sometimes use to make phone calls.”  West says that what Dr. Lang has done is impressive but will also become more common in the near future.  “As the means of production have become so incredibly cheap, average folks without a lot of experience are able to produce really good content.  Some, like these DVDs, may not be as polished as a Hollywood-style production, but if the content is great, that’s all that matters.”

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