Restaurants Reputation Management for Restaurants Owner’s Starts 01/10/2017

Restaurants E Marketing announced the availability of their new Restaurants Reputation Management Service beginning 01/10/2017. More information can be found at

Customers looking for the latest Restaurants Reputation Management Service will soon be able to get involved with Restaurants E Marketing. Today Mohamed El Zaafarani, Owner at Restaurants E Marketing releases details of the new Restaurants Reputation Management Service’s development.

The Restaurants Reputation Management Service is designed to appeal specifically to Restaurants Owner’s and includes:

5 stars Google reviews – This feature was included because it will massively increase exposure on Google local search. This is great news for the consumer as more reviews = more customers.

Manage negative reviews – This was made part of the service, since 4 stars reviews or less will be sent to management only. Customers who invest in the service should enjoy this feature because it will increase the number of 5 star reviews while being able to respond back to clients with negative reviews before they publish it online. Making it easier for restaurant owner’s to contact back customers who had bad experience and give them a second chance to make things right

More exposure from organic search – Restaurants E Marketing made sure to make this part of the Restaurants Reputation Management Service’s development as It will ensure getting more customers to restaurants. Customers of the Restaurants Reputation Management Service will likely appreciate this because it will increase thier return on investment .

Mohamed El Zaafarani, when asked about the Restaurants Reputation Management Service said:

“92% of Consumers use a local business if it has a 4 star rating or higher which means more reviews = more customers”

This is the latest offering from Restaurants E Marketing and Mohamed El Zaafarani is particularly excited about this launch because it will help restaurant owners get more customers and better ROI.

Those interested in learning more about Restaurants E Marketing and their Restaurants Reputation Management Service can do so on the website at

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