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A new Denver-based restaurant marketing service has been launched by the team at Fluid Local. They strive to connect customers to their ideal customers and bring in more footfall and sales.

Fluid Local, the Denver-based marketing agency, has launched an updated service with a focus on helping local restaurants generate more revenue. Their specialist marketing services help clients to attract new customers, increase sales, and get more visibility and exposure every day.

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The newly launched birthday-focused marketing solution is part of the agency’s approach to ensuring the best marketing services are available for local Denver businesses.

With the impact of the pandemic still being felt across the food industry, restaurants in the local area are facing unprecedented pressure. This has caused many to close, and the 2021 outlook is challenging.

Working with a leading marketing agency is an effective way of growing a restaurant’s brand, connecting with target prospects, and generating more sales.

By implementing the new service, clients are able to specifically target customers who are having a birthday. The team is able to identify people who are celebrating, and they give these people something to celebrate at the client’s restaurant.

Data shows that over 80% of people eat out on their birthday, and spend an average of $78. They are also likely to bring friends and family with them, leading to high revenue for the restaurant in question.

The new marketing service from Fluid Local allows clients to capitalize on this and actively pursue customers on their birthday. The team provides consistent and predictable foot traffic, sales and customer frequency.

Generating regular footfall is one of the biggest challenges that businesses face, and this has only been compounded by the current situation. In order to ensure success in these difficult times, it’s crucial to increase customer frequency.

However, it can often be difficult to know how to achieve this. Working with Fluid Local ensures that more restaurants can increase brand lift through ongoing visibility and exposure.

Their approach to growth begins with increasing visibility. The most profitable customers see bespoke business ads, and then sign up to receive the special offer. From there, the proprietary system sends them an SMS and email, with reminders to increase the chance of a show.

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