Restaurant Business Revenue Growth Coupon Marketing Database Service Launched

A newly launched marketing growth system for restaurants has been launched by Fluid Local. The team strives to help more businesses succeed in the ever-changing social landscape.

Fluid Local has launched a new growth system for clients in the restaurant business looking to improve their online presence during this difficult year. It’s designed to streamline the marketing process, attract new customers, and increase revenue with daily visibility and exposure.

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The newly launched service aims to send more clients high-volume traffic and connect them with their most valuable customers on a regular basis.

Clients will find that the new service reaches customers who are celebrating a birthday and want to dine out with friends or family. This can be achieved through a unique project engagement and coupon delivery system.

Data from the National Restaurant Association highlights that over 80% of people eat out on their birthday. One of the primary benefits of this new service for clients is that birthday diners like to bring friends or family with them.

This enables restaurants to connect with new customers and secure predictable new revenue with results-backed marketing solutions.

The newly launched service aims to provide consistent increases in foot traffic, sales and customer frequency for those in the food sector. Fluid Local understands the challenges that businesses face and optimizes its marketing solutions to ensure the best results.

Consistent lead generation is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses following the impact of the pandemic. The newly launched service aims to streamline this to drive reliable client growth.

The first step of the process is to increase visibility and exposure through tailored ad campaigns. The client’s most profitable customers will see the business ads, and this gives clients the chance to reach and engage with their ideal prospect.

From there, the service enables clients to build a customer database based on the customers who sign up for the special offer. The team at Fluid Local will collect the customer information so that clients don’t have to.

Once the database is in place and the system is running, clients can benefit from automated follow up and engagement. The proprietary system utilizes both SMS and email reminders to drive engagement.

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