Responsive Micro Drones Quadcopter HD Video Camera Filming Site Launched

A new site dedicated to high quality, affordable drones for filming and racing has been launched. The site is ideal for anyone looking for drones from top of the range racing drones to casual filming drones.

A new site has been launched offering a large array of top quality, affordable camera drones. Remote Control Video Drones offers small drones as well as large ones, and is dedicated to video camera drones too. The site is ideal for anyone who wants a drone for fun or filming, or just anybody who is into remote control toys as a hobby.


For more information please visit the website here:


Remote Control Video Drones is dedicated to video camera drones as well as videos relating to the drones. The site is always updated with the best and most recent information and videos about video camera drones.


Drones are perfect for filming, as they can be used remotely, rather than having to carry around cameras and pay out for things like helicopters to film from high up. Furthermore, large expensive camera equipment can be replaced by the drone, as it can reach high altitudes as well as travel quickly and responsively. Drones are incredibly stable, so the camera will not shake around and blur the image.


Visitors to the site will find a huge array of drones available. The drones range from micro drones, video camera drones, and remote control drones, racing drones and even phone drones. This makes it incredibly easy for visitors to find exactly what they are looking for, with such a large variety offered.


Amongst the items on the site, visitors will see drones such as the “FLYTEC T18D Wifi FPV Quadcopter”. This drone comes with a 720p HD camera which is capable of live video and is VR ready. This drone also lets users fly not only in VR, but also first person mode, making it very easy to control and great for fun flying, racing or filming.


Visitors will not only see drones on the site, but also other items such as VR headsets too. VR headsets are ideal for drone pilots as they transport the pilot into the drone for a first person perspective. In addition to the headsets, visitors will also be able to view racing videos and lessons, drone pilot lessons and videos, as well as the best selling items on the market.

Those wishing to find out more can visit the website on the link provided above.

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