Resource Allocation Tool For Portfolio Management Cloud-Based Services Updated

PD Ware has updated its range of cloud-based portfolio management software tools for project managers. Its tools support the transfer of data from legacy systems and can be used remotely.

A company that specializes in resource and portfolio management software has updated its range of cloud-based services to support project managers who are working remotely and on-the-go.

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The newly updated cloud-based software services from PD Ware are designed to support companies and project managers whether they are working within the office or remotely.

ResourceFirst ensures organizations continually align their resources with their most important projects and programs.

It offers users simple, intuitive, flexible, and dynamic access to all their projects through a state-of-the-art cloud-based solution. As well as being used in-house, it can be offered as an on-premises solution.

PD Ware’s tools ensure resource planning is at the heart of any portfolio analysis with an emphasis on feasibility and priority.

Team members, project, and resource managers, PMO leaders, portfolio managers, and executives can all utilize the software to help them reach their business goals, KPIs, and targets.

Valuable projects that are not getting the resources they need are flagged due to the Prioritization Allocation Engine. It does this by analyzing high priority projects first and allocating resources by skill, down through a prioritized portfolio.

This feature helps project managers determine how new projects can get the resources they need, how they might impact resource allocation, and how they will affect any commitments including work in progress projects.

Compatibility is a key feature of the software developed and supplied by PD Ware, which means legacy data can be easily imported from spreadsheets, text files, and other project management or Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions.

Other complementary software tools include PD Ware Portfolio Desktop, which offers full PPM functionality including capacity planning, portfolio analysis, what-if-scenarios, workflow, and more.

A representative said: “We help you go from zero to maximum visibility and demand within days or weeks – not months. You will be an expert in no time, especially if you utilize our powerful Excel-based desktop toolset (at no extra charge) that pulls from the same database as ResourceFirst.”

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